Prot Warr Looking For Mythic Guild


Hi all, would consider faction changing

I am currently on the lookout for either semi hardcore guild to the more casual mythic raiding guild thats focused on achieving getting through the hardest difficulty content whilst keeping an active social side and also enjoys pushing m+ on non raid days.

Character Info:

Name: Eremus
Class: Warrior
Spec: Protection
Neck Level: 47
ilvl: 401 In MS 403 Arms/Fury
Proff: Engineering / Alchemy
Exerience: 6/9HC 1/9M BoD, 1/2HC CoS

only for reference to my experience not willing to play as an alternative
Name: Exodiac
Class: Druid
Spec Balance / Resto
Neck Level: 43 And Half
Ilvl: 403
Proff: Alchemy / Leatherworker
Exerience: Current Expansion: 9/9HC 1/9M BoD (Previous Mythic Exp Also)

Raiding Exp:
Vanilla: Was currently leveling at the time
TBC: Done all raids besides Black temple / Sunwell
Wrath: All Raids Besides VoA / Naxx
Cata: Dragonsoul HC 7/8
MoP: All Raids
Draenor: Didn’t Raid during this expansion
Legion: 7/7HC 4/7M Emerald nightmare, Nighthold: 10/10HC 3/10M, ToS: 8/9HC 1/9M, Antorus: 11/11HC
BFA: 8/8HC 1/8M, BoD: 9/9HC 1/9M, 1/2HC CoS

I always keep up to date with my class by checkin the class discord and using various sites.

I come to raids with All the consumables needed and I have a fully functioning microphone and speak english and not afraid to speak as an when needed.

Days / Times I Can Do And Cant Do:
Times No Earlier Than 19:30ST
Mon: Yes Wed: Yes Fri: Yes Sun: Yes
Tues: Yes Thurs: Yes Sat: No

Final note:

I have played since vanillla raided since tbc been in semi hardcore guilds to the more casual done Heroic 25man To 20Man Mythic I’ve got a vast amount of knowledge and experience over the time of playing and I have over 10x120s some of which are decently geared. If you like what you have read and would like to have an in depth chat further I can come onto your discord if you would like.

thanks for reading and I hope to join you soon.

BTAG: Eremus#21771

(Kotah) #2

Hey man, nice post. We’re 8/9M looking for any dedicated and good raiders, check us out - added you too - [A]<Requiem> 8/9 Mythic BoD (8/8M CE Uldir) - Recruiting!