Protection Warrior looking for casual raiding/m+ group


After watching the race to world first ive been wanting to get back into raiding! I’m looking for a not too hardcore maybe just a chill heroic/normal level with a lot of m+ runs on the side hahaha
I’ve raided at a heroic and mythic level in every other expansion mainly as a healer (holy pala, resto druid, resto shaman) but i’ve wanted to swap over to tanking for years so why not start now.
I’m always looking at logs,strats,streams to learn about my class and the raids, im always looking at being the best player I can be.
I’m available for raids everynight from 20:00 server time onwards.
Have a working mic etc.

Age: 31
Language: English
Class/Spec : Protection Warrior
Server: Draenor
Btag: T0manc#2983
Discord: t0manc

Hi there could i interest you with us at all?