PSA: Blizzard Authenticator 🔒

Why’s this thread locked?! :astonished:

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I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Then I shall put it somewhere they’d won’t dare look, especially after a curry!

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I think if you still use the link it will enable you to put on a different 2-factor security setup.

Because i’m good like that :sunglasses:

I HAD one (phone app) but then my phone died and it took me 3 months to replace said phone so I couldn’t use the SMS protect because I had no phone and couldn’t access the authenticator, because i had no phone.

kind of feels like putting all my eggs into one basket.


Similar thing happened to me when my sister’s puppy way back when chewed up the Authenticator fob on my car keys while she was visiting (Keys were on door, dog was left in hallway)…

CS had it removed easily with some verification that I am the owner of the account, and I swapped over to the Phone App authenticator without issue.

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Do you need to do authentication every time you log in to play? I’ve never added it because I am lazy and that sounds like faff… But if I’m being silly and missing out on extra bag space for no reason, I’d be happy to stand corrected!

No, you can set it to only do it once for that computer.

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Sweet - extra bag space here I come!

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I’m another person praising the authenticator because I got my acount stolen by gold sellers back in Wrath. Perhaps i just had horrible luck as it happened the day after i went from trial version but most likley i just used a password that were easy to crack. After help from support everything worked out so now I got both the app on an ipod and the sms protect just in case.

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No, I rarely ever have to use the authenticator, I got the physical one way back and it’s still functional. It’s mostly when logging in from a new computer that hasn’t been used for WoW before or if I reinstall windows. You can make it require a code for every login as well if you want that.


I got the physical authenticator back in wrath and still have it. Added sms protect when i returned for bfa :ok_hand:

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I’ve had one for many years…

Got it attached to a keychain with my authenticator for the bank and SWTOR, which I’m not currently playing. But at least I know with 99% certainty that my stuff won’t be gone if I ever log back in.

The dishwasher or the bin?

I also have it with my swtor authenticator and my bank one :ok_hand:

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Support for Authy/Microsoft/Google/etc Authenticators would be great. Having different app for every 2FA is bit annoying. I think Authy should work even now if there was some way to get the standard format secret needed for it.

I got the Authenticator, it’s very useful :slight_smile:

But, there is a thing when changing to a new phone…
You have to disable the Authenticator on the old device and then activate it on the new device…
And doing so you loose the pet and the 4 slots, just to get them back after a rew minutes…
I don’t lvl pets so it’s not a problem for me, but if someone lvled the pet to 25, and has to change phone, he/she will loose the pet and get one at lvl 1 again…

Shouldn’t it be that the pet is forever if you just activate the authenticator once? Like some preferred status (something similar is in SWTOR with the subscription system)

No you don’t. You can add the authenticator app on the new phone, then get the Serial and restore code from the app on the old phone. Put them in the app on the new phone and it takes over. Then you can delete the app off the old phone.

I screenshotted my serial & restore codes in case the phone is ever lost and stored the image on my google drive so I can get to it whenever I need it. A wise thing for everyone to do… phones have a habit of getting stolen/falling down the toilet/getting eaten by the dog/toddler.


Keep guessing…

I got my authenticator after some Chinese goldseller hacked my account. I know this because their IP was Chinese, and I had a LOT more gold on my account when I got it back. Small bonus.

That’s when I started making more complicated passwords, so I learned a lot from that.

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