Pure lack of DH changes is offensive

I wonder how long it will be and how many people will have to complain over and over again, providing hard facts of how DH is far too OP and is wrecking pvp in WoW before blizz ignore all that and nerf DK survivability again… and probably nerf the lowest tier healer whilst buffing an S tier one…

Knowing blizzard logic of how good they are at balancing if we see any pvp tuning soon I wouldn’t be surprised that they will buff dh

Nah they’ll give it a meaningless nerf… probably something like “vengeful retreat now only results in a 6yrd backflip (down from 8 yards), you’re welcome pvp community!”

Honestly what do you think will happen even after they nerf DH? probably new season another spec will just be stupid like every season at least one ruins the fun for the rest.
I don’t know why its always like this? how come every season same mistake with one spec given everything at once? this just invalidates any achievements just because of the power disparity. Not to mention how Blizzard keeps fiddling with MMR? this also something that makes pushing not fun because why sweat in deflated seasons when the rest 99% will just push when its inflated?
Currently WoW PvP is not worth neither the time and effort nor the money we pay and every xpac seems to get even worse?

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worms …beg for mercy

Fully agree, blizz will just do what they do best and “balance” pvp by making a different class OP AF or have it so that 1 comp shines way further than all the rest… they must be using broken scales when they say “these are the class balance changes”

What I don’t get is why they hate DKs so much hahaha, everytime a DK hits A or S tier they get nerfed withing a couple of weeks… other classes go S++ and go untouched or get buffs!

Like a few seasons back when it was a heavily caster dominated season, DK would have been perfect to combat that… but they nerfed ams and DKs survivability so that casters wouldn’t struggle as much against them! That just made no sense at all! Then in the last one, they nerfed plate armour and gave no compensation to DK survivability which made them one of the most killable melee classes in the game! They have what should be on paper a great tool kit but blizz just rendered it next to useless especially with dampening. Meanwhile, DH… just stupid damage, able to become immune, able to dodge like hell, unkitable monster of a class goes untouched! Blizz logic!


i also just hate how pointless our death grip are right now, whit so many classes having immunity to DG and all those stupid mobility tools to ignore our slows so we are playing the game of how long until dk is dead by immunity to slow kitin, pvp right now just pisses me off so much never has the feeling of playing dk been this bad the fact we are forced to death strike just to survive is a flawed design in a hyper mobility meta.

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One of the reasons why I decided to go frost mage last week… took a while to get used to but after a few hundred games it becomes way more enjoyable than DK!

Unless you’re put against multiple DHs

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this is why i hate Blizz whit a passion instead of solving all the pain points of dk they just give us more death grips instead of giving us ways to pin players in place and denying them the ability to use mobility or escape tools,
the over nerfing of our base defenses should have been reverted a long time ago and even buffed,
while many ask for death strike buffs to the healing i think that’s the wrong approach to go for and that’s mostly that blizzard would have to make us glass cannon so we can heal back the incoming damage we would take,
we are better off if blizzard gave us allot of base passive damage mitigation so we can stay in the fight and not be forced to pve whit our death strike for over half of any pvp game,
death strike should just be that little extra to keep us from falling behind and not the be all to end all self heal talent.

DH literally has no downsides.

it has big damage. big mobility, big defence,

i thought classes were designed with weaknesses too… i guess not for DH…

Rock, paper, scissors, Demon hunter


Right I’ve taken the only action I can that almost makes it certain that DH will be nerfed in the next week or 2… I created a DH… so I can pretty much guarantee that they’ll have it nerfed to the ground before my one is fully geared (happens every single time!)

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