[PVE] More Zugs! – Cross-faction PvE Community – Currently recruiting Healer, Warlock, Monk, DH, DK and Rogue!

Hello hello!

We’re More Zugs! A Cross faction PvE community focused on raiding heroic, with a bit of dabbling in mythic should we get enough willing people, alongside a healthy dose of Mythic+ (Because everyone deserves to experience the joys of getting 1 shot by a boss from Cata that got scaled badly.).

Our main intention is heroic ahead of the curve, potentially dipping our toes into Mythic once the community has voted whether or not they want to chase even bigger shinies.

Currently looking for:

Healer (Mistweaver pref) Warlock, Monk, DH (DPS), DK (DPS) and Rogue!

Raid times:

Mondays and Fridays, going from 20:00 – 23:00 server time.

“Alright, but what can you offer?”

  • The most (positively) deranged group of raiders you can probably find, with our new resident tank having ten slots of feasts taking up his backpack so that he can feed every member of the raid group, a Death Knight that somehow gets blamed for another person standing in the fire, and a bunch of other flavours that could probably serve as inspiration for Mythic+ affixes, including a paladin who might or might not have DPS’d a boss with a fishing rod before we wiped.

  • Fun! We’re here to down some bosses and have a fun time doing it while in a healthy atmosphere. While people will obviously be expected to sweat a little during progression, no one is going to tear your head off if you meme it up a bit while we kill bosses that we have on farm.

  • Priority based system of distributing loot. You’re bound to get a chance at getting your piece of candy without having one lucky guy swiping the entire boss loot table just because the dice rolls said so.

Some Rules:

  • Every person who makes it to raid is expected to have put enough preparations before we pull the big loot piñata. We ask that you are ready with your consumables, enchants, gems, as well as general ability to play your chosen spec.

  • If you are the below ilvl that is set as the requirement for the raid. It will be expected that you gear up outside of the raiding environment. Be it M+, BoEs, catch-up systems and the like.

  • Don’t be a butt. We’re here to have fun so any sort of unwelcome shenanigans will be met with appropriate action.

  • Any sort of disrespectful attitude or other memery towards RPers is not allowed. While the community was made with the intent of raiding and PvE content, every member will be expected to treat RPers with common decency and respect. This includes the usage of addons to parody profiles of RPers.

If you are interested, please try to reach out to one of our admins through discord:

  • aenlein
  • pohtaitoe
  • blaser – Please state right away that you’re wishing to potentially join. There have been a lot of instances of people assuming this particular name to belong to some Counter Strike, Runescape or even Roblox gamer.
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We are now looking for a DPS and/or a singular brave tank to join us!

We had our first raid night tonight and went 7/8 Heroic in Vault of the Incarnates, which was a lot of fun. We also got to get some good Raz practice in as a team and it won’t be long before we get her down as well!

We are still searching for a committed tank player and more DPS players to join our roster! Some classes that bring specific buffs would be fantastic but we’re open to any who are interested in getting into PvE! As a first timer to end-game content myself this season, I really recommend giving it a go! :slight_smile:

Our first week of raiding is over and we went 7/8 Heroic and 8/8 Normal (while bashing out 6 of the glory raid achievements, too!)

It won’t be long before we’re 8/8 on Heroic and have the achievements locked down for those who have attended already. We’re eager to keep clearing Vault until Season 2 lands, however, so would love to bring some more DPS players into the fold (and possibly a single tank still, too)!

We started our 2nd week of raiding together and got our curve as a group done!
We are still seeking tanks and DPS, reach out if you’re interrested!

Small bump. We’re currently looking for DPS only!

Bumping! Looking for a DH dps and a mage!

Hello hello!

Small update nr 1: - Still seeking a mage!

Small update nr 2: - We are now officially 9/9 heroic. Sarkareth bit the dust. More Zugs is once again curved!


Cross-realm mythic is open! and we’re gonna do our first night of progging that tonight!

Still looking for more dps players :slight_smile:

Bumping again! We are 3/9 mythic now and progging on Experiments :slight_smile:

Bump. With another raid on the horizon, this thread got a small re-visit.

Giving it another bump! We’re fully curved for Amirdrassil, just reclearing before we get mythic started now, still need a healer!