PvP daily quest does not reset

I have not been able to take any new daily pvp quest since completing the first one at pre-patch launch over a week ago. I have spoken to other players about it and they are experiencing the same issue as well.


Yep, this is a pretty spread out issue people are experiencing.
Basically, the daily quest is random and doesn’t change until you complete it. The issue is, they have the EotS daily in the pool of quests, and you can’t do it yet, thus, you’re stuck on an impossible to complete daily.

Blizzard claimed they fixed it, but it’s obviously not the case for over a week now.

Yeah about that…

Over the whole pre-patch, that means about 6k honor thrown out of the window. For anyone who had time to play entire days since the pre-patch hit, that’s not much, but for people only playing on evenings, it’s quite a lot and can make the difference between getting your piece of loot or not.

We shouldn´t be to hard on them. Atleast they use our money to make cringe marketing videos instead of employing people to work on the game.

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