PvP gear is useless for PvP

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There isn’t such a thing as “pvp gear”. There is gear that can be used for pvp, and gear that you can get from doing pvp, but this gear isn’t any different than the gear you get from any other source.

If you’re talking about gear you get from low level pvp (like random bg’s) then the ilvl is fine. After all, doing a random bg is the pvp equivalent of doing lfr, and you aren’t getting heroic level gear from that either. If you want higher ilvl gear from pvp, do rated stuff.

:drum: Mandatory call for pvp vendors :drum:


for a faction war expansion the focus on pvp has been laughworthy. If anyhting they have been gutting it

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Go try warmode.


Thats like telling someone to eat of a garbage can when he mentions he wants to eat something

In fact warmode is one of the major things that makes their focus on pvp laughworthy

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So you want faction PvP but… dont want to participate in faction PvP that exists.

Yip, it’s officially the weekend.

Happy wacky weekend folks.


oh shut up dude, maybe warmode looks good to you if you were playing on a pve realm. but compared to how pvp realms were its a joke. hence laugh worthy.

Besides i am doing plenty of pvp, i nowhere ever stated that i do not do pvp. But hey to geniuses like you saying " warmode is garbage" means the same as “herpaderp i dont do peeveepee”

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I detest War Mode and that’s why I dont have it on.

And as ‘genius’, I’m not the one complaining about PvP but refuse to partake in the major PvP feature of the expansion.

PvP realms where the joke. Does that make the joke on you then…


At least for resilience that’s easy : because you have to farm your artifact power which mostly comes from pve content, for which your resilience gear isn’t great at.

They gave you Gear which can be used on any content to allow people to do anything at a decent level without being penalized from focusing on only one aspect of the game.

This is actually a decent change imo.

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For someone who literally cannot get into a m+ group it’s funny how you are wearing gear from a +10. But okay.


ye its really good. now you cant get gear worth for anything unless you play m+ all day.

good change imo you should be forced to do more pve than pvp if you wanna pvp, makes sense.

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Meanwhile in another post, Is wow [kinda] dying ?


I’m almost full Normal raid quality from doing unranked BG and WPvP invasion without ever trying raiding. Is that deserved ?

And stop with this gear worth nothing, you don’t get much past 385 doing nothing.

There more path to Gear now than there ever was and you’re upset because one is faster ?


If I take an alt with 405+ gear through m+ and start arena, and I face someone gearing with only pvp on an alt of his, ill have way better Gear.

If I raid I have also most likely BiS azerite traits since I can swap one of the pieces from the many I got from raiding. And raiding trinket are BiS aswell.

My opponent would have been most likely stucked at his rating mainly’ due to terrible gear and with even more skil’ Than I have I would stil’ Win a mirror match due to gear difference.

Get it? It’s not about speed, it’s about absurdity.


Meanwhile blizzard is busy making challenging pet battles omegalul.


Guys! Guys! Come on, if Blizzard were to do anything, they’d add in PvP Vendors… and we all know how dangerous and confusing they are!

I love you all too much to see anyone die trying to simple click on a vendor, scroll through the available items for their class/spec, check for appropriate ilvl/stats/transmog on a specific gear slot and purchase it if their acrued currency is higher than the asking price.

Its far too dangerous!

But in all seriousness - bring back PvP resilience and/or “ilvl boost” on items during PvP combat. Even without an ilvl boost like that, you can still lock out specific ilvls through rating barriers.

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I’ve done zero mythic+, raids or anything rated pretty much and i am at 400ilvl equipped. So your option is to just wait, you really don’t need to play the game.


400 ilvl doesn’t help me against 420 equipped pve players with crucible god items though


It’s debatable if they have been #1 in terms of good game design, it’s mostly based on sub numbers, and they don’t show those anymore.


Then wait some more! Cos thats all we can do anyway until Blizzard brain-farts another “clever idea” to avoid helping PvP!

I know your pain btw - hated “PvE God” bear tanks back in Legion…

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