Pvp Hotfixes 26 Feb

(Tom) #1


It may have taken blizzard a while and we may have had to play this frustrating meta for longer than we would have liked, but the wait was worth it! They hit every needed nerf perfectly on the head!

Oh wait, this is Blizzard :DDDD 3-4 weeks of arena being unplayable for 3 lines of nerfs pointed vaguely in the right direction but don’t actually address any of the main problems in arena right now


Tom please so excited lol.

(Retierx) #3

is that it? they’re good changes, but it’s not even close to enough.


Another useless change with no real change to the gameplay, glad I unsubbed already. The state of PvP is absolutely godawful right now and blizzard is doing fck all to fix it, it just keeps getting worse and worse by every patch.


(Jito) #5


Healer mana changes implemented on Feb 13:

So let’s see…

From Feb. 13 to Feb. 27 there are how many weeks?

3-4 you would say?

How about 2.

Now let’s also consider the fact that hotfixes are always made each Tuesday/Wedensday. How many opportunities would they have had to make these changes if not now?

It gives them 1. They could have made them last Tuesday/Wedensday on Feb. 20. But they didn’t. God forbid they let the meta game play out for 2 weeks rather than 1 week.

For one so vested in PvP you seem rather out of touch. You’re around enough to know that PvP hotfix changes are made every single week.

Every. Single. Week.
There were changes made Feb. 20. Feb. 13. Feb. 6. Jan. 29. And so on.
Every. Single. Week.

So why pretend this is 3-4 weeks in the coming when you know full well it is not?

Pet peeve, but still… There really is no need to not be true in regards to basic factual information. :unamused:

(Tom) #6

I’m talking about the resto druid/destro lock/hpala godlike-ness, which started before the mana change. It was probably even more than 3-4 weeks ago.

patching a bug or two like they did on the 20th is NOT A pvp balance hotfix.

Not to be rude, but this is exactly why nobody can stand you

(Jito) #7

But why pretend nothing has been done since?

On Jan. 29 Blizzard did a larger class balance tuning pass:

On Feb. 6 they reduced mana regeneration:

On Feb. 13 they made further changes to mana regeneration:

On Feb. 20 they made fixes/nerfs to Restoration Druid:

And now on Feb. 27 they’re making balance changes to Restoration Druid:

So what I count as a 4 week continuous approach to adjust PvP balance following a larger class balance tuning pass, you see as 3-4 weeks before anything is done? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t use lifebloom talent or bonded souls. problem solved.


I think I’d rather have seen some destro damage nerfs instead of this. I suppose it’s something. Druids aren’t that big of a problem. You just spam necro strike while a warrior is bashing his head in.

(Xartim) #11

Go to bed Jito, its time to stop now.

(Cutîepie) #12

oh lord


Another band-aid fix instead of addressing the real druid issues.


These arent the patch notes you were looking for :frowning:

(Morkius) #15

Thats all they nerfed me for??? haha blizzard rly doesnt understend that problem is in SoTF… nice even people with 1 week exp in pvp know better…


Disgusting, dont know, what to say more. Incompetent …s


why they not buff aflitons! its hard game play now


As I said, play ur op destro spec or pretty decent demo spec.
You will be definitely happy to reach 2,4k with facetanking any combo.


What kind of buff do you want?

(Snusgodz) #22

Imagine getting me banned on the forums for saying you wanted to become MVP one day and that’s why you act like Blizzard police :rofl::rofl:


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