PvP Rating Cutoffs as of 18:00 CEST May 1

Earlier today, we took a snapshot of the ratings that would be required to achieve certain Season 1 achievements (if the season had ended today). This is a list of those ratings.


Rating Type
2885 3v3 Arena


Rating Type
2370 Rated Battlegrounds


Rating Specialization
1976 Vengeance
2003 Guardian
2091 Blood
2250 Protection Warrior
2416 Brewmaster
2723 Protection Paladin
2822 Fury
3121 Unholy
3162 Holy Priest
3170 Frost Death Knight
3186 Devastation
3233 Restoration Druid
3258 Holy Paladin
3297 Affliction
3306 Havoc
3306 Restoration Shaman
3359 Outlaw
3367 Discipline
3372 Marksmanship
3381 Shadow
3384 Preservation
3393 Fire
3395 Assassination
3399 Arms
3422 Enhancement
3434 Windwalker
3441 Arcane
3450 Subtlety
3459 Feral
3463 Frost
3487 Mistweaver
3494 Survival
3496 Elemental
3500 Beast Mastery
3524 Retribution
3538 Destruction
3540 Balance
3544 Demonology

Fury has the lowest cutoff for all DPS specs. That should tell you to fix fury.

Can you pls have a look at fury blizzard?

How come the cut offs haven’t been updated on the official blizzard website? We have had to go third party websites this season.

There is 2 line for affliction.

giving r1 to tanks just ruins the solo shuffle experience to alot of people

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Sorry about that. I’ve fixed it. Affliction is correctly the 3297 cutoff.

3170 is for Frost DK.

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The Crimson Legend achievement says I need 50 games won, what counts as a game won?

in 2 years time no one will remember what was OP or what spec was played. You will just be a ‘crimson legend’ druid and people won’t bother to look up whether you played as healer, feral, boomy or guardian.

it is no different to how people run around on unchained/sinful glad drakes and no one cares/remembers that 99% of them were got by running sp/arms or ret/arms and mowing people down in under 45 sec


Now that we know which specs are over- and undertuned, can we buff UDK in PvP again? It was a great and well balanced spec before you destroyed it. And that before people even had gear, to figure out if it is really that strong to justify nerfs.

The result of your “balancing” was, that you can’t compete with that spec on higher ratings. Too squishy and not enough damage, or let better say not even pressure!

But what are you guys doing? Destroying it even further with less cc, make it more even more vulnerable by removing Spellwarden and bring in a talent instead, that could be great but its duration is limited to 3 seconds. You know that it takes a lot longer to generate the RP for a Deathstrike, right?

Please fix the spec I love, I beg you! It doesn’t have to be broken like frost mage and demo lock, but at least somewhere in A tier wouldn’t be asked too much I guess.

And btw, why do you actually buff Arms defense by increasing their absorb by 25% while not buffing DK defense for Death Strike? It’s time to realize, that you overnerfed UDK!!!

are those cutoffs take account that many players are with multiple alts on rank 1 range?

yes, the spots are extended by 1 for each 1 alt that is also currently in rank 1 range (of the same bnet account). thus, those are the actual cutoffs and no additional math required beyond what you see.

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