PVP Vendors - I'm glad I can't choose wrong item

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You can calculate the Arena participation per Season by looking at how many rank 1 titles are handed out (because it’s percentage based). And BfA Season 1 handed out a lot of Rank 1 titles.


Great … so I will make sure that this thread will not disappear again. Because initial post made a point. And still you do not have any credentials to talk about PVP. Have you been invited to that arena tournament ?

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Sue me then. :expressionless:

Ah. I did a few comparisons to older Seasons in another thread a while ago:

I’ll admit I haven’t checked every Season…Okay I only checked those 3. :rofl:
But I think the above covers it all somewhat well regardless.

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I doubt that. It would mean 405 rank1s, but the minimum rating for Alliance rank 1 was 3157, which is rank 303. Even so, it does seem to have been more popular than whole of Legion, which is something.


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This is quite a stretch.
Basically if you’re not Usain Bolt, then we’re all running the same speed. But that’s not really true, is it?

Truth is, you’re kinda lazy, seemingly even incapable of running, yet you’re commenting on how run competition should look like.
Sure, you don’t have to run, nobody forces you, but to talk about how running should look like requires quite more reasoning than what you gave; which is “I enjoy running.”
That would be valid reasoning for somebody who runs, or even who doesn’t but gives better justification than this, but so far, you’ve given no other justification and you tried to derail topic.

I think it’s more constructive if you either reacted to the actual point with some arguments or be quiet rather than to endlessly wage wars with “I enjoy something, even tho I don’t really particapite in that”.

As I already said:
I don’t judge Raid gearing acquirement, if I just do Random LFR. Neither should you judge PvP gearing acquirement, if you just do Random BGs and skirmishes.
I don’t care if you’re low rating (1400+) or other, but if you don’t even participate enough,
then you’re in no shape to make educated conclusion and even if you did, don’t be surprised it’s being trashed, when you hide behind reasoning “I like it”… because when you say something like that, don’t be surprised that there is way too large focus on the word “I” as you didn’t say much else.

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I should probably clarify when I said 3…I meant 2. :yum:
I took the BfA numbers from Ridtur who had posted the following on the Arena forums back then:

I should maybe have checked the math, but I didn’t! :joy:

But even with a somewhat lower volume it’s still a solid Season by any estimate, so yeah. :slight_smile:

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And I disagree with that premise, because PvP gearing does extend to those activities as well.

If Rated PvP had its own isolated gearing system, then I wouldn’t have an opinion about that. But it doesn’t. The one it has is shared across all PvP activities, and since I participate in some of those, then I have an opinion about it. Deal with it.

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Yes, well apparently not all 405k characters were eligible.

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The math has to account for the banhammer, seemingly. :yum:

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That happens in all seasons. Besides, I don’t think it has anything to do with the banhammer, but I think the criteria requires a minimum number of games played to qualify for placement at the end of the season. If I played 8 games and made 1k rating, I would probably not qualify, but before the season ended I would be displayed on the leaderboard. It’s very likely that a lot of players capped in the first week and then never touched arena again. Artificial inflation. :slight_smile:

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But the PvP gear acquirement greatly affects Rated PvP, not much Random PvP. Therefore don’t be suprised as somebody liking very bad system, just because your power level isn’t tested, that your opinion is discredited as much.

Similarly, you could claim that a talent is good and valid pick and doesn’t need to get buffed, just because you’re able to kill one mob with it while questing and it’d be your reason to apologize the talent’s power ("it doesn’t need buff). While obviously you can have opinion, it’s very apparent that what you’re basing it on (you being able to kill a mob - you doing fine in Random BG) is insufficient.
Simply put - we accept you find it okay, but only because you were incapable of participate in anything that’d test the subject, so we disagree with the process with which you arrived to your conclusion as the process itself is illogical.

But please if you have no other constructive things to say, rather don’t say anything and let other people speak their opinion, you’ve already stated yours and you’ve already tried to apologize it after you’ve seen people disagreeing with it. I don’t think you’ve much more to say than to repeat yourself. And I believe that endlessly spamming your opinion isn’t constructive.


But you opinion is absolutely pointless and stupid.

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I will reply and defend what I have said whenever someone claims that my words are invalid and that I have no credibility. Such accusations won’t stand uncontested. Don’t poke a sleeping bear. :no_mouth:

Like that.

That will always trigger a reply from me. Like now.

Nexpose, you have made 14 posts on this forum in total, and no one seems to lend any significant value to any of them. Maybe practice what you preach and add something of value to the topic yourself, instead of just QQing about my presence?


Ye obviosly I made post just about you. I was about to write something constructive , but I just saw that sh++show you made here I could not help myself. Cause you are spreading sh++s in every PVP thread.


Exactly Whisperer!


Tell me why are you so concerned about what PVP players want?

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You have a perspective. In my opinion, as well as pretty much everyone else’s that seems to be interested in the subject, its at the very least incomplete or insufficiently informed.

But either way, you said what you thought, that vendors are bad for some reasons that didn’t mean much to me so I forgot already. As far as I’m concerned, it’s really singular to see an issue that seems to unite the pvp community so much as that of pvp vendors, as well as that of ability pruning. Argue all you want, but the devs will be informed of our almost unanimous point of view that vendors need to make a return, and that we’re not buying their silly excuses as to why they aren’t in the game.

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I don’t have to. I have an army of minions to do it for me:

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I told you, what they are selling we aren’t buying. It’s pretty simple.

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Right now, you are.

We’ll see. I think I said earlier in this thread that I wouldn’t be surprised if they added vendors in the next expansion. But that’s some time out in the future still.