Quest: The Sunken Vault, still bugged after 3 YEARS!

The Priest Class Mount quest “The Sunken Vault” has been broken since 2019, making it impossible to progress the quest and get the mount. The NPCs will simply bug out soon after starting the event, and just teleport around.

So now I can wait for 8+ days, for a response which will likely be Blizzard simply setting the Quest Progression to Complete, and never fixing this broken quest.


GM’s don’t fix quests. They aren’t developers.

I know that, which is why I said “Blizzard” and not a GM.
So thanks for a worthless answer, to a question I didn’t ask, but you just invented out of nothing from taking part of my sentence out of context.

The fora are not the correct place to report bugs. Blizzard representatives here can do nothing about this.

Raising a ticket is the only way to report bugs - which you have done. Blizzard can see how often this bug is reported and would decide where to allocate resources based on that.

As an aside; you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

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Just to correct this, Bugs aren’t reported by tickets. GMs have nothing to do with fixing them.

In EU we report bugs ingame:

Press Esc or click the ? button to open the menu.
Click Support.
Click Submit feedback or bug report.

Enter the details of the bug into the Submit a bug description box, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
Click Submit.

You won’t get an acknowledgement or reply but it goes straight to the people who can look into it.

You said:

The response will be from a GM, not a developer because developers don’t and have never responded to players, except one rare occasion during a beta test during Legion, when a developer was using server chat to interact with people on the server.

Ergo that implies that you wer expecting a GM to fix the bug.

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Just reached this quest and unfortunately am facing the bug where Magni wont open the door. Apparently this has been a known bug since August and it has not been resolved yet… Submitted a ticket and feedback on their support page and hope this finally gets resolved for all Priests out there :slight_smile:

Hopefully you reported it as a bug ingame

Still bugged now, despite the fact that it says it has been fixed

You seriously expect in to report a bug into the nether when the company has not bothered to fix it for 3 years. Do you expect him to wait a further three years? Clearly no idea of customer support.
Tell him it wont be fixed instead of keeping that glimmer of hope it will be fixed. Hence checking every now and again to see if it has been done. Time wasters!

CS doesn’t monitor bug reports, do not necro threads.

Really thats your response! Its not our job put in a post to Father Christmas - Customer Disservice.

Saneko isn’t customer service. They are just a player like you. They have also given you accurate information.

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Yes read between the lines and its we wont do it no one will

I have been away from wow for 4 years and blizzard has become a disgrace to me with regard to these bugs.

Today, 19 Nov’ 2022 this is still broken. Bran does not go find the lever to open the door. The Quest is a dead end.

And to CS, if you don’t like being the face of a company that has degraded soooo much over the years, QUIT. I don’t care if you don’t like your job.

25 Nov 2022 Still bugged, I can’t get the mount, I’m trying for more than a week.