Raider and Mythic dungeon player looking for a new guild

Hello there. Before i continue i just want to mention that this of course is not my main Character nor any of my max level ones. I do not really want to be recognised since leaving my current guild is going to be though.

I joined mid BFA and started playing for real in Shadowlands. I raided with a casual guild with my priest. We got 9/10 normal very quick, but our leader quit and the guild was left in shambles. I have alts in other guilds that used to be active, but as of late i have found no challenge or active communities to be a part of, and i want that to change.

So in short: I am looking for a friendly, and pretty much always active community that plays retail and is looking forwards to raiding in 9.1. I am pretty casual at times, but i do have KSM and a +1300 rio score therefore i want to get into more hardcore raiding on heroic and maybe even mythic. I have a very well geared priest always sitting at 3,5-4,5K on the DPS charts for raiding and ilvl 223. I also want to try my hands with my demon hunter as well (also pretty well geared). My priest is also decent as holy. I overall do pretty well at mechanics and I am good at listening to tactics and strategies. I can raid all weekdays in the upcoming months, however i am going to be only available friday/saturday/sunday in future. I am good at speaking and understanding english and danish. I want to learn new people and get more into the game on a more advanced and hardcore path than what i currently am stuck with. I can both realm and faction change if needed.

So if you have an active, friendly guild looking towards raiding in 9.1 feel free to leave a message.

Thanks for reading

Please add me on Discord for a chat.


We might fit your future weekend only plans.

Hey Lasseskallvl,

I am recruiting raiders for a guild called Fury on Silvermoon, an Alliance guild that has been around since 2007. We have two raid teams - Killers (mythic) and Chillers (heroic). If you’re interested, I’d like to have a chat with you about our Chillers Team which is 10/10HC in CN.

Our Chillers Team raids Tuesdays and Thursdays 20:00-23:00 server time.

Here’s some links to take a look at for more info about us:

Warcraft Logs:


Raider. IO:

Fury Discord:

Feel free to message me on Discord any time: Zerofoxx#7345 :fox_face:

Hi there!
I’m the guild leader for a horde guild on Draenor

As our ad mentions, we’re a weekend raiding guild with a focus on heroic that occasionally dip our toes into mythic.
Would love to hear back from you as I think we’d be a good fit for you, even though we have many swedes (like myself) and Norwegians :wink:
You can contact me either over Nerzelan#2725 or Discord, Nerz#2932

Thank you for the responses. I will start messaging all of you when i am on next :+1: