Raider.IO community Thoughts

I just took a scroll of the US forums and saw half a dozen posts ragging on RIO and a lot of general dislike as well as slating of it. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Personally I think it’s a pretty decent system that encourages people to try make friends and from 5 stacks or work there way up from the bottom of the PUG world to boost their score.

Are you in favour? Yay or Nay? If so what do you like about it and if not why not?

It is what it is. That would be my stance.
Flawed but what isn’t. Assigning some arbitrary number to someone doesn’t really tell me anything. Were they somewhat carried, did they leave mid key a bunch of times are they just a terribly toxic human? 2.4k Rio doesn’t answer any of this. It’s what we have though


It’s basically GearScore all over again.


People often ignore the original purpose of Raiderio.

With the current state of the game where boosting is so rampant and being insanely overgeared is the norm, people have opted to start filtering others inorder to get healthy groups.

This has gone to the extreme side of things and probably something must be done about it, and imo blizzard has to fix the source of why we need raiderio instead of removing it, putting something else instead of it or just keeping it.

The reasons can be summed to pretty much

1- People are too attached to their keys
2- People dislike having to carry.
3- Having not good players in your group will turn it into a fiesta
4- Depleting is not fun
5- People leave at the slightest hint of a wallblock
6- People are abundant in numbers
7- People overgear the content heavily
8- There is no way ( before rio ) to know if someone knows tactics
9- The line between a competent player and an incompetent player has become blurry
10 - People not fit for the content apply for it without training / trying to learn
11- Some people expect to be boosted.
12- Once the key starts, your key is held hostage by the 4 other members in the run
13- People want to skip to the good parts
14- People want better players to smooth out their experience
15- People don’t want to waste time
16- People don’t want to bother with teaching someone something they should have learned before
17- Better geared players tend to overlook mistakes as they simply don’t care since they’re too strong for the content anyway
18- Struggling to finish content doesn’t feel rewarding
19- Depleting a key takes a big part of the reward
20- Depleting a key makes you feel like your entire time spent was lost

And plenty more other reasons.

Imo, blizzard should look at the sources of these, fix these sources and only then will we not need raiderio or any system of the like.


RIO is just a fancy armoury. It is funny how people hate armoury that shows what they have done or not done. But I guess it is modern person, who often likes to mask the truth - just like Instagram “models” - selling an image and hating anything that shows the reality.

Really RIO is just fancy armoury.


That sure is a lot of good points about it. I think that as tool it does a reasonable job of giving us as players and group formers access to more information about others which isn’t a bad thing.
Given as you pointed out there are several downsides to not timing a key.

For me personally I’m a big fan of the other stuff you can use it for like looking at the leader boards and seeing what some of the top players of your spec are doing with their gear and talents. Also like seeing where I place on my realm as well. Kind of fun to set goals for my self.


Yeah I do love these things, and I feel like having a leaderboard gives a nice competitive aspect.


If RIO (and the places from which it gathers its information to begin with) didn’t exist, those same people would be complaining: I cannot join groups because the leader just picks highest ilvl! There should be a system that lets others know what keys you have done, so that my experience would be plain to see. It would be extra good if it could tell them what you’ve done on your main, if you’re on an alt.

You know what would help? More tanks and healers. As long as DPS are vastly more available, they will also be vastly more filtered.


That is very true. Yet people are still wound up when they get declined from several keys in a row. They could just as easily put some effort into forming a group around their own key or do what myself and a lot of players have done. make some connections and join a 5 stack.

Feels like people are quick to complain about this system rather than put a little effort in to get the most out of it.


Here is what i personaly do when pushing my keys.

  1. Never check Rio
  2. I never take players that outgear the mythic i’m about to run. Exception is Tanks and Healers because we all know how hard it is to find.
  3. If someone (even if its the tank/healer) starts saying things about gear before we start, he gets autokicked.

What do i get from this? Usually people that queue for a mythic +10 with ilvl 570 are toxic. Not toxic as a person, but their behaviour is toxic. There is no reason for a 570ilvl player to be queued in a +10 mythic other than feeding his epeen. That person will most likely be toxic if people dont act the way he is used to.

The major problem in mythic community is that things inside adungeon die really fast because people vastly outgear the dungeon. That gives many players the wrong impression that they actually know tacts, and/or they know how to dps/tank/heal with their character.

A new player has to learn. Like it or not. Noone spends 10+ hours watching mythic+ runs on youtube, reading tactics for each and every boss etc… They learn it in game. The same people that accuse other players because they failed to avoid that surging rush in Shrine of the storms, they did the exact same thing when they first run that dungeon.

You learn from your mistakes. We all do mistakes. The key is to know what we should have done to avoid it.


It is a quick way of looking of someone progress in mythic +.And given how ilvl means jack these days,hope with SL it fixes the problem tf made a mess.
My only big issue is the capp and track of the addons on high vs low pop realms.Now i am not aware of the situation as of now so if anyone can fill me in but is this also currently an issue?That in order to rise your score you need to do higher keys on high pop realms.As an example someone from Genjuros realm could have higher score by doing +5 then someone from Draenor doing +10.

Those are perfectly reasonable ways of setting a group up without going by RIO. There are players out there who like your self do not want to use 3rd party tools for this kind of thing.

I just struggle to get my head around why a lot (not all) feel the need to demand its removal from the game. Im not saying that embracing it is the right way to go, but I certainly don’t think it is worthy of condemning when you can still do things in a way like you’ve described.

I just never understand why this is always getting about that total score. It is a complete useless metric. It is fun to grind and watch yourself advancing on the website, but for inviting people this is just completely irrelevant. It would be nice the addon shows more prominent information about the specific dungeon.

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570 doesn’t exist, you probably mean 470. The reason is farming Echoes.


RIO has never bothered me that much. I get why it exists, I don’t think it should, but whatever.

From what I’ve seen it’s usually only a real problem when you start doing keys above 13 or so. A lot, and I mean A LOT of the players that regularly run keys at about 13-14 or above (mainly 15) are horribly toxic and impatient. RIO elitism and abandoned keys are rife in that range.

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Oh dont get me wrong, i am not opposed on using Rio as a tool. I’m opposed to the way it is being used by players. Rio is a great tool to get info on how to improve yourself gearwise, talentwise, corruption wise etc…

I use it all the time trying to see what fellow frost mages use (gear stat weight, corruption etc) at the bracket of mythic+ i’m playing. My opinion is that different levels of mythics require different stats, talents, corruption etc. Same thing applies to different dungeons. A dungeon with constant movement, especially on certain affixes, favours diferrent talents. So before i get into a dungeon i always respec according to it.

Yes sorry, it was a misstype. Farming Echoes are usually done with a premade group of high ilvl people. There is no point farming in a mythic +10 by being the only one that has gear over 460, and being the only one with that mindset. It will take more time to complete a dungeon than finding a group of 4 people that wants to farm echoes and advertise your group in LFG as “Boosting your +10/+11 keys for free”.

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Not really, I just sign up to random +10s / +11s as a tank and it doesn’t matter if the rest of the group is 450 - high ilvl friends don’t always have time or motivation to farm Echoes.

Also, I don’t believe I’ve ever been toxic in this game :man_shrugging:


Yeah it sure is, I feel like this side of it alone makes it a worthwhile contribution to the game. I enjoy using it to do some “homework” and also see where I am at in the ranking for my class on the realm, fun to have goals to work towards and not just trying to clear a 15+ for a weekly chest that’s usually Garbage.

I don’t like RIO but I still use it, or should I say i’m forced into using it
and I don’t blame the people who use it nor do I blame the creators of RIO

the problem lives within Blizzard design that forces players into acting in such way, the need and the necessity to inspect players

because blizzard design has consequences outside a pre-made groups and friends , and their design allows players to do whatever they want, you do bad things ? like leaving groups or trolling, you get no punishment, you do good things ? you get stepped on by the rest of players base, no encouraging rewards for the good behaved player

so for a player who is looking for a gameplay without frustration with no pre-made group and friends to play with , he will look for every possible way get smooth runs

also wanna mention that Mr Ion is living in a guild since vanilla and since than he has never attempted rejoining another guild or had reasons to leave the guild, good for him, nothing wrong with that, but he has never experienced the game outside of a pre-made guild/friends groups, and most of the devs i would assume that they arent even playing the game

therefore the game can’t and will not get better for players in the pug world, so players have to rely on things like Rio or create similar things

my only negative opinion on raider io is that even though its scoring people on how many keys they’ve done, it doesn’t say the inner stats behind the keys… or in game even when i say that.