Rate my mog

Looks good. Just change the color of the weapons to red and you’ll have a licence to kill.

mE too rate my mog please


Troll thighs.
Nice necro btw

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Thanks I just searched for mog and posted on the most recent :dancer:

4/10 - not a fan of skimpy mogs.

8/10 Doesn’t match priest theme.

Sorry but I am a warlock

Look at my title – Minion of Mayhem!

Ah I understand your point. I give your mog 7/10, because your name is Wolf and you are a rat (vulpera).

6/10 not fan of skimpy mogs also.

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Nice mix of sets 9/10

There is an on going thread in the tansmog section here

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Thank you, I will post there also.

Go back to the Darkmoon faire!! (throws rotten tomato)

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8.5/10, the weapons don’t really fit.

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Yeah looks more Morgoth really…

I like it :smiley: 10

The weapons don’t fit in the slightest, what are you doing?
And the boots are too bright.
The gloves don’t really go either. They match the boots but they still don’t match the overall dark magician theme.

Was you trying to go from dark to light from the main body to the limbs on purpose? I don’t think it works.


uuuh, sorry, i’m just not getting ‘fire mage’…what i do see is you about to embalm someone at the local funeral parlour…
oh, sorry, that was for the op:)
Galedron, i actually like that, big fan of interesting mix and match…hate boring sets.:slight_smile:

Like it but not a fan of the helm.

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