Rate the transmog above you - part 14

The daggers tell me you're some dangerous assassin but the top of your character looks like you had a middle age crisis and didn't know what you wanted to be.

Tabard with a heart on it doesn't make any sense for that set.

Overall good red shirt would be better I think, I dont know something here does not fit for me :)

6/10 I would change the boots.
It's just a mish mash your weapon doesn't go with the outfit at all the tabard sticks out like a sore thumb legs are the wrong colour and shoulders don't go with anything.

9/10 I love it! It's unique and colors match pretty good. Belt could be better though
Looks like she's in the business of breaking gnome men's hearts and also claiming the souls of some of them! 9/10
20/06/2018 16:00Posted by Sinvara
Looks like she's in the business of breaking gnome men's hearts and also claiming the souls of some of them! 9/10

7/10. Could have used some diversity.
A revealing gnome mog? *shudders*

Anyways, weapons don't quite fit with the mog. Maybe the heirloom round shield would do better?

Yingsù, looks good, but i don't like belt and helm.

@Luxury I like where you're going with the red and yellow/gold color scheme, however i feel as if the yellow in the pants, hands and boots stand out too much, maybe a darker shade?

Looks more like a hunter than a shaman. Boots could be better, but the rest is matched okay 6/10
For Proskaren:
I think it's got great potential, although the colours seem to "muddy" themselves together a bit - maybe add a little contrast? 7/10

For Julia:
Very nice outfit! Definitely a 10, you don't see too many like that!
Looks straight taken from Mad Max, quite thug-ish, very cool and very fitting for a goblin, 10/10.
True wolf of the horde 10/10 love it. It's hard to tell where the wolf head end and beard begins.
6.5/10 Interesting idea but the gloves are wrong.
dwarf --> check
spikes --> check
Mohawk --> check


I don't think it really suits a priest, at all - looks like something a mage would wear + the tabard doesn't really match, so...
I personally don’t like the mog for a SHAMAN. I mean , it fits with a panda but it fits more with a monk. But it looks great honestly

You look like the resto druid of nightmare, who heals the boss instead of us. I would only change the tabard to fit the entire set, but thats just me.
Well themed for an old gnome warlock and well put together. 9/10 because I'm not convinced with the belt, imho.