Rate the transmog above you! 🍹

I know it is a full set, but I like the set very much. 8/10, I think the choice of shield supplements the set quite nicely

Very nice Human warrior
Not the biggest fan of the weapon but tastes differ

The weapons look quite weird on armory for some reason, they look way better in game!

I kinda get it but I dont like that the weapons have gold. I’d rather use MT or PvP tints.

Note to the next poster: my mog is absolutely perfect in any moment and time so even if you rate 1/10 it’ll still be awesome.

hmmm, 7/10?
I dont get the booties TBH!

Suits strangely well I actually like this one. I’ll go 8/10.

5 for the mog, 6 billion for the name.

I’m going 7 out of 10. I think I see what you were going for but I believe your pants have lost their mog so there’s a blue/red clash happening.

Fix that and it’s probably an 8/10. Not sure I like the cold belt light vs the warm shoulders, and the reds don’t really match. The potential is here, but that particular piece jumps out.

I don’t get the wings but I like it overall and it has a distinctive feature, a dragon in panda form as visage? Anyway, 9/10

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I found the belt a bit out of place because of the green gem. But other than that, pretty fire. 8/10

Really dope fel theme, the transmog goes very well with orc aswell. Pulling one point since the red / fiery colorway of the helm, bow, belt and wrists looks a little off, could just be the display pic though. 9/10!

9/10 suits an UD rogue

I give 6/10, because the belt and the tabard sadly don’t fit

7/10, feels more suited for a druid, with the horns, but what do I know…servers back up yet?

One of the best Pirate mogs I’ve seen, 10/10

A bit simple, yet fitting

A simple but fitting Vulpie Pirate? Like!


Very nice mog, but no gloves will give you blisters while mining :smiley:

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Gives me superhero vibes, albeit a bit creepy with them glasses… xo

Not much can go wrong with the classic CN transmog, but your guild tabard kills it.