Re-open transfer to Firemaw

Are there currently any plans to re-open transfers to Firemaw?

We’ve recently had a lot of horde players migrate away from Firemaw which should remove some of the stress that was caused on the server.

This is especially important with WOTLK coming up and friends wanting to migrate to firemaw to play with us.

Just what we need, more spam on this subject.

I know right, it’s been a full 10 minutes since they bumped all the other threads … posted on a retail character as well

Woops, here goes, this is my classic character. I don’t see how that changes things though.

Regardless, thanks for BUMPing my post :slight_smile:

Let me show you the rules.

Do not bump posts

Multiple threads on the same topic will be deleted

Now do you see?

Enjoy your ban.

What ban? It was a question. You’re named “Dottie” and acting cocky in every single post. Like comeon, grow up…

I also agree that this subject needs more attention! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This subject definitely needs more attention so people that have friends can enjoy the upcoming expansion together!

World of Warcraft is way more fun when you have friends to play with :blush:

It’s an insult and you know it, Blizzard are usually very strict on players insulting others.

Let me show you the rules.

> **Do not bump posts**

I would argue you are breaking the rules then Dottie.
You reply to my thread without adding any value to it apart from being passive agressive.

In my book that counts as two violations. First being harassment of a forum member purely for asking a question. Secondly your post can be considered BUMPing this subject because the content of it has no other apparent value.

I have flagged your post exactly for these reasons.

Now if you can please stop trying to derail the discussion away from the original topic that would be great.

The forum needs more civil discussions on topics that matter to people and less back and forth discussions started by forum trolls with 17k posts.

If the question is duplicate or uninteresting you simply not replying would have made it dissapear in no time.

In some places it’s kinda normal that your parents are related so I can’t see it being an insult. It was just me asking you a question to get to know you better. Don’t you wanna have that kind of relationship? Since you’re just replying here to try and act big and being somekind of keyboard warrior and that’s just kinda sad mate

Yeah it’s useless to post about it here, people need to post a few topics on US forum instead, even support told me to use us forum instead of eu but sadly i dont have us account

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