Reaching new trust levels?

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I can understand if there’s a desire from the CS department to not reveal too much about how the new forum works. I’m just wondering whether there’s some way that I can check what’s keeping me from unlocking trust level 3?

I’m rebuilding and migrating a thread of useful links on our realm forum, and would love to be able to link relevant guides that aren’t hosted on the new forum. :slight_smile:

This is the thread in question: Useful Threads: setting, story & roleplay 📚

Thanks in advance!

(Punyelf) #2

The forum is a discourse one. There is a FAQ pinned in here explains trust levels.

Great work btw :+1:t4:

Esssentially you can get to trust level 3 in 50 days if you meet all the criteria.

(Rogmasha) #3

Thanks! I’ve since been granted access to the new trust level - I think Discourse itself just took a day or two to update.

(Punyelf) #4

That’s fantastic news. Best of luck with your guide.

(Hínáta) #5

It’s quite easy to miss the need to read 20k posts created within a year.

it’s what kept me from trust level 3.

That’s a lot of scrolling to be done :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cedrad) #6

This is the exact same thing that keeps from level 3. Reading those 20k posts.


There is a reason far more people post in the WOW Reddit than post here on the officials. This forum is totally over policed.

(Dottie) #8

Download a macro maker, set it to page down and pause for a second, have it repeat forever, open a long thread, and start it off.

(Hínáta) #9

My fingers were sore, but it was quite an achievement! now I can post them gifs and pictures, I personally think trust level requirements should be lowered abit, but at the same time I know many people just don’t deserve it and aren’t trust worthy enough.

Good luck to everyone out there it’s a tough requirements but they are needed :slight_smile:

I like that it is over policed tbh, it makes many more people not afraid to engage in discussions, constructive criticism is always welcome, but being rude and spilling profanities all over the thread is not.

I’ve been pretty harsh in my criticism towards the things I don’t like, and I’ve never been banned, not silenced or have had any post deleted, simply because I put my arguments in a respectful way, but some people find it very hard to do just that.

(Punyelf) #10

If you’re on AD and keep up with the AD forum that’s an easy task, there is a lot of activity on there :wink:

(talking about the OP) :laughing:

(Uldurin) #11

I’m an expert scroller :sunglasses:

(Hínáta) #12


Really whats the point of botherering to get to trust lvl 3. so you can post some link or some picture. really not worth the effort.

(Punyelf) #14

The idea is that it isn’t any effort, it’s just to reward people who regularly participate. That’s it.

(Rogmasha) #15

It’s helpful for posting user-friendly thread catalogues like the one linked in the OP - or for guild posts like these two!

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