Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts

To provide more transparency on the actions that get taken against exploitative accounts, here is a breakdown on the number of actions that have been taken over the course of the last month:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions Last Month: 167799

All of these actions are for cheating or exploitation which are primarily permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include separate actions like character name or in-game language violations. We will continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.

Thank you and we’ll see you in Azeroth.

-The WoW Classic Team


Sure, just like i’ve unlocked the secret to telekinesis, found a cure for cancer and figured out how to achieve faster than light travel.


And since we’re on the WotLK Classic forums, what portion of these apply to us?

I know Wowhead ran with it being classic accounts, but that’s not really what this is is it?


What about Retail? Do we have any numbers?

@Bornakk: The post is appreciated. <3

Could you ask those responsible, whether it would be possible for you to be allowed to add a few clarifying details:

  • Are these for EU region only or worldwide (I assume the latter)?

  • Despite the fact that we are in the WotLK:C section, does the number include bans and suspensions over all three products: Classic Era, WotLK:C and retail (I assume the answer is yes)?

  • Is there a possibility of getting any more details publicly (for example, region and product spesific numbers)?

I am well aware that you are not personally responsible for the decisions, but further input would be most appreacited (even if you are forced by some reason to inform us that more detail is not (publicly) available).


What I truly don’t understand is this:
with all these bans and suspensions, game actually feels more botted by the day. It feels that those 150k accounts are more like 15 accounts (as in 15) instead in countless thousands.

Dunno, you guys need to start doing some more stuff, it’s hard to imagine that in today’s age botting is still so rampant. At a times, it feels you’re hindered by
a) Blizzard execs or b) you just don’t have enough manpower to sort it out properly. (Even in 2008 when i actually played wow, i didn’t see nowhere near bots at this level.

Go check few bg’s , go as actual player, que few bg’s , especially at 6,7,8 am (gmt+0/+1= amd then you can actually see 10,12 bots on each side.

Not to mention nobody is doing anyhting against rmt’s and gdkps’ which in end attract more botters >vicious circle that never ends.

I just wish game is bit more engagable with some more strict rules. >strict rules vs bots n stuff>makes game more healthier.

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I bet you think the earth is flat aswell. Gotta love conspiratards.

Flat Earth is by far the best Psy-Op that CIA did probably since coming up wih the expression “conspiracy theory” in relation to people realizing they were involved in the assasination of JFK. Now every legit accusation of there being a conspiracy of any sort can just be dismissed out of hand by normies saying “I bet you also believe the Earth is flat”. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and insidiousness.

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The issue is: when is an accusation legit?
Some people think that as long as they believe something is true, then it is legit, even if there is no proof, the proof is illogical or fake.
I think this evolved naturally from the state of human society. We are divided into competing states, and to have their edge over others those states keep secrets. Sometimes technological, other times operational, but because they keep those secrets they are not able to truthfully explain their own actions. If they did, their plans would come undone and the very citizens that requested the truth would come under attack by the state’s enemies. There are also situations where secrets are needed by those in power simply to reign over the populace, which is kept ignorant (more common in authoritarian regimes).
I’m afraid we do not have a way out of this situation, because it is simply a result of human nature - our competitiveness and greed.

Blizzard will never permanently stop bots from farming on wow.


As you can see blizzard mentioned they banned 120,000 this month this means these bots will come back paying £10 for sub and £30 for the boost to 70 if not more that’s nearly £5 Million they have made in a single month by banning them.

Blizzard could ban game cards and put wow tokens on hold until bots are gone as these are the free or undetected ways to create a new account with out them banning you from using your bank details.

They could force all players verify accounts with bank details and maybe ID like they do on Gambling websites.

I saw a stream the other day with the wow council and devs when the topic was brought up they all seemed to be frozen in fear to not say something they shouldn’t and seem like they are doing something when they are not.

Wow token has now killed classic same with them ignoring bots the farm/journey to Shadowmourn is now only be obtainable by Whales with large wallets. Welcome to wow being Pay to win now

If you also check gold sites they display current stock. I see most with 9 million gold stock how is it possible these people are not being detected in game. There is no way most people “managed to make millions off a AH trick” GDKP’s are just full of gold buyers.

Blizzard you are persistently lying to your players the game is totally unfair and now at the point the game isn’t fit for purpose you have allowed millions of accounts to breach your terms and you do nothing even though you say you would.

What I will say you can make the word Liar with the name Blizzard.

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Don’t forget your tinfoil hat.

These accounts are worthless. The cost €15 to make. You can ban endless millions and it will never stop.

You have to ban the accounts of value. They cheat too!

The accounts may be worthless but if the botters would really have to replace 166700 accounts per month they would at least have to buy a sub for each one so to break even it would mean they’re selling over 2 million euros worth of gold to the playerbase every damn month. Who knows how much they would have to sell in reality to make a profit when you calculate the labor,electricity and transaction costs to the equation. I don’t need a tinfoil hat to figure out something here does not quite add up.

There’s a reason they gave you the token.

Let’s just put it like that.

The Classic community is one of the most toxic and pathetic ones in gaming. It’s sad, since Classic is all about the community.

The game is ruined by cheaters and botters and gold buyers. I personally cba.

Meanwhile, as the whole game is being utterly destroyed by cheaters and hackers, Blizzard doesn’t do much but tells us all that actually ordinary people need to be nicer. Mm-hm. Nice priorities. People might be nicer if they felt a sense of competition and community instead of being frustrated.

Era seems better though.

Fixing WotLK classic to make it more enjoyable guide step by step:

  • Monitorize accounts getting hard achievements (such as PvP or PvE), or item level increases in a short period of time, in case they are potential carries or buyers of boosts.
  • Check the players/IPs involved in that activity.
  • Ban the account that got the achievements if there’s evidence of boost, and see their gold transactions.
  • Follow the trail of the IP that used that account for that boost, and also follow the gold receivers.
  • Wait for next ban-wave
  • Straight ban that account and every account that has logged in that IP, or that has been involved in the direct gold trading of that transaction.
  • Re-educate the community by the threat of a perma-ban for not playing the game by their own.
  • Reward good players for their skill and goals, lowering the % of the community who have access to certain content by forbidding boosts.
  • State that you will ban every fishy activity regarding boosts or carries or RMT.
  • Enjoy the game again.

The important question is: how long were these 167799 accounts botting for before they were banned? It matters little how many accounts you ban if you let them make profit before the ban happened.

I have more important one. On which realm/server was the activity that lead to the accounts being banned? The amount posted here is more than 50% of Ironforge’s perceived population (some of which are likely alts). So accounts banned for activity on Retail really don’t mean jack for Classic.

That’s cause it’s not specifically WotLK primary accounts, it’s just accounts.

The vast majority of them were likely primarily retail based.

It’s deceptive as hell to post it on the WotLK forums with a “signature” by the WoW classic team cause that’s not really what it is.

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I’m aware which is why I point that out