Recently Returned - Looking to get back into RP [A]


I don’t think there’s anything particularly interesting or special about this post, but I’ve just come back to the server after a LONG hiatus and I’m looking to get back into some RP. My availability is primarily going to be late evenings and weekends.

I’ve not got anything in particular in mind in character terms. I’ve played everything from lawful-good bishops and to chaotic-evil warlocks. I’m looking for a guild or a group probably with some sort of working focus, because my characters tend to not be sufficiently likeable to be kept around unless they have value. I don’t know… What’s available?


You’ll find many a guild on both Horde and Alliance for whatever you end up settling on.

Make the character you intend to play first is my suggestion, making a character specifically tailored for a guild is all well and good but with so many options the chances of you not finding a place to settle is near impossible.

A character that is unlikable is very subjective, a Paladin of the light might fit in great with Blood Elves but not so much with the Mag’har. And if you intend for your character to not be liked then riding that line if being begrudgingly accepted due to your talents and skills is always entertaining.

Simply put make your character first, and search for the guild after. When you have something nailed down you’ll narrow the pool drastically. Chances are you wont get into Orc clans as an elf etc.


That’s a sensible suggestion. I’m just conscious that - coming from experience on other RP servers - it really helps to know where the fun is. But I guess what you’re saying is that there’s fun for characters of any sort to be had?

Depends really on how you play the character, he can be evil yes, but I suggest you don’t take to a point it’s just abnoxious.

There’s a spot for basically everyone.

Guilds off the top of my head that I think stand out, from a purely horde player perspective.

Elf - Division Twenty Three
Orc - Winterclaw Clan
Troll - Zanchuli Pact / Shadow of the Empire

Non-Race specific Horde
Serpent Sisterhood
Oath of Silver

Stormwind Infantry

Ebon Onslaught is something I see here and there

I’m sure there are some truly stellar guilds that choose not to have much of a presence too.


There is also the orcs of the red blade for any orc character

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This is the best advice in the thread and deserves a quote.

Make the character you want to play, then look for a guild that would be a good fit, rather than the other way around.


The Ebon Blade is a Brotherhood in Death, focused on defending Azeroth at all costs. Death Knights don’t have to like each other to fight alongside them and the Ebon Onslaught are always looking for new members.

EDIT: [Ebon RP - A&H] The Ebon Onslaught - Artifact Hunting


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