Release the fresh servers already

Whats the point of holding back the fresh servers at this stage of tbc???

No news in weeks, blizzard is still the same old lame company.


They never said they have plans on releasing TBC fresh servers, only Wotlk ones. That should answer your question.

You’re just another blizzard forum troll, u knew i meant wotlk fresh servers.


lol what does it matter? Fresh, not fresh. Fresh is a temporary illusion at best before it is flooded with bots and buyers.

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Any fresh server released during TBC is a TBC fresh server. You ask for Wotlk server to be released during TBC, doesn’t that sound ridiculous to you?

you’re beyond moron, not gonna take the bait.


While it does not say so directly, I think this clearly implies that the fresh realms will come with the WotLK prepatch, or even shortly after. There is no way they will have servers up with WotLK talents and abilities while main servers are still on TBC.

You’re beyond moron.

Anyone trying to explain the real situation is, according to OP.

I thought they would come with the Summer XP Buff, “a few weeks before the pre-patch”

Limited time gives opportunities to sell boosts later or direct swipers to old realms instead of fresh.

Yes it does - The very first line in the same post shows that you’re right :wink:


So it does. How embarrassing :flushed:


Well they just killed firemaw, so yes, they better to release fresh servers faster

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QRD pls

this is most likely will be great to play once it goes live

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