Reminder: Dragonflight Content Before the Weekly Reset

With the timing of the unlock of the Dragon Isles (Monday, November 28 at 23:00 GMT / Tuesday, November 29 at 0:00 CET), players will find themselves leveling up with about one day to go before the weekly reset.

We’ve configured Dragonflight to prevent most weekly rewards from appearing prior to that first weekly reset. As a result, the following content will be unavailable until the new week starts:

  • Mythic Dungeons
  • Dragonbane Strongbox from Siege of Dragonbane Keep (Epic quality)
  • Grand Hunt Spoils (Uncommon, Rare, and Epic quality)
  • The weekly quest “Community Feast”
  • The “Aiding the Accord” weekly quests
  • The “Show Yer Mettle” weekly quest
  • Weekly Valdrakken professions quests of any kind
  • Weekly PvP quests rewarding honor

We want players to level at their own pace without feeling like they’re missing out on a week of rewards if they fail to reach level 70 within a few hours after the expansion launch.


Good move blizz. Thanks

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honestly, a really good idea!

It won’t stop world first racers. But At least it does take that bit of pressure off to get to max level.

It means, I have more time to max out a few chars and not have to worry about the spamming all the M0 on that first day.


makes sense first week should be about enjoying the expansion, not rushing it.

like it was in shadowlands.


true but we all know there will be a level 70 before the 7am :smiley:


yes there will lol…

but those neckbeard live their whole lives for those moments.

may as well let them have their fun…

it’s at least nice that blizzard are thinking of the rest of the player base this time around.

i used to love all night gaming sessions untill i hit my 30s and now i feel wrecked by the time 7am hits :smiley:

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i am the same… i rarely pull all night sessions anymore… 37 now…

if i do i wake up with some health related issue days later…

not worth it for a game lol.

rather get my beauty sleep and keep happy and healthy these days.

even yesterday … i worked a 60 hour week … i went to sleep at like 18:30pm… didnt wake up till 10am the following day lol… felt great all day because i was well rested :slight_smile:

the lag camp and wq knowledge aren’t neined

Are emissaries around in DF as well, or whatever they might be called now?

good move.

Dont get me wrong, i will be up all night power levelling my way through to max level ASAP.

however, yes unfair to make it feel Neccessary for players to speed level prior the reset and stay up all night. the right to choice and ensuring neither come with a Negative experience is defintly key.

Smart decision :+1:

5 years ago I would have said yes :stuck_out_tongue: but now… I’d give myself some delay time, maybe starting at 3am or 4am. (Also avoiding the initial crowd and potential disconnections) :stuck_out_tongue:

some days ago i tried a all night challenge. I gave up at 3.00am…

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eheheh the problem it was the same when i was younger: in high school my friends nicknamed me “born tired”


This is a nice move, more things that discourage unhealthy behaviours should be in game.

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all mythic dungeons or just dragonflight ones?

this only disables them for around a day, not the whole week

also leveling in DF is very fast

i never rusch in the lvling process but this is a smart thing from blizz.