Remove the herb bots already please

I do wonder if people mistake multiboxing for botting.

I quite enjoy the ambience and company they provide.

Multiboxing and botting are different things but there are bots who multibox. I never thought about it before but after farming for 2 weeks for herbs I have seen multiboxing bots.

It sometimes amuses me. One druid is leading a pack, takes them to a herb node. the leader gathers and after that each member of the pack gathers. Then they usually server swap somewhere because they disappear and appear back later on different node. But it amuses me to see some of the druids fallen behind. They are just sitting near the lake or a river. Hoping their leader would come back to pick them up.

That just sounds like multiboxing to me.

The two are not mutually exclusive. There are clearly many multibox farmbots.
It makes sense for them to have more than one toon on a farm route so they multibox.

Following the money is the only way to address this.
They must be “cashing out” somehow else they wouldn’t bother farming.
They need to sustain multiple accounts and therefore multiple subscriptions so they have to be making [5 x WoWtoken] + [profit] just to keep the operation going.

I am guessing they are selling game time somehow to make IRL money.
I cba to read the whole EULA but there must be a transgression somewhere in there. Multiboxing in itself is clearly legal but selling game time?

It all just sounds like theory to me and if it is a bot programme then sooner or later they will be caught out.

They do not need to sell wow tokens anymore and also they do not need to pay subscription fees. Having 5 accounts nowdays is easy.

The bots must get around 500k+ each day by farming. I farm less and I do normally 250k per day. The bots can actually do around 1 mil per day. So they get the gold to buy 5 tokens any day they want. The bots do not lose anything and farming it doesn’t cost them anything. Those bots who are farming in my clusters must have made a lot.

Also what Punyelf said they get caught at some point but it matters when. I don’t want to wait for 6 months for a bot to get banned because the bot affects my gaming time and my gathering for 6 months. It is the same for every other player who likes to farm. The longer the bot remains, the more it eats away the player who is actually doing the farm.

Also they are selling gold. People must still be buying it because it is cheaper than getting wow gold by tokens. Sad truth.

This is all I really meant.
Turning ingame gold into external [IRL] cash is breaking the EULA &/or T&C.
The fact that they fund multiple accounts by farming I couldn’t care less about, whatever floats their boats.
It’s the commercial aspect, they are making IRL money by exploiting WoW
(meaning exploiting as in making capital as opposed to ingame exploits),
this must be addressed.

Wild thought: blizzard doesn’t do anything against them because they are ok with bots. They drive up the prices of tokens.

The tokens aren’t worth as much gold as they were at their peak in Legion.

Agree, also tokens are only worth game time or battlenet balance. Battlenet balance cannot be turned into RL cash as far as I’m aware.

Agreed :slight_smile:

I just saw one bot reusing monel-hardened stirrups:

I guess that character is a blacksmith, so he isn’t going to stop botting for the next 8 hours.

Well he was using these anyway. Here is the botter:åltsu

Naming and shaming isn’t permitted. I suggest you edit that bit out.

You have no proof that this person is a bot or just a regular player and you should report them rather than naming them on the forums. Blizzard can investigate and when they next wield the ban hammer if someone is using a bot programme they will be punished.

Forum rules

I have a plenty of proof that this character is a bot. Someone who claims otherwise should show the proof he isn’t. 2 weeks of inspecting this behavior and i’m sure.

And no, i’m not editing the post. If it is against the regulations or it is not permitted. Remove the thread. I have come to the point where I just don’t care a single bit.

This bot should have been removed already but it is still there.

I am not a Moderator, I am an MVP. We are just regular posters who have some knowledge of the game and are generally polite. I was just giving you a heads up.

If you have proof then follow the link about reporting cheating and present your proof.

Someone multi boxing and using stirrups to avoid being dismounted isn’t proof of anything.

It was not my intention to point out that he’s a bot because he uses stirrups.

I have reported this dude few weeks ago, and I keep reporting him everyday i see him here. he’s here 24/7 and during all this time, i’m 110% that this is not a human player. Sure he has gotten the equipment for botting because he actually needs it. These mobs will eat him if he didn’t have those items. The path he keeps running gets him killed easily with lower gear.

It is so easy to say and claim that this player might not be a bot because you haven’t seen what I have.

The very reason why I started this thread is the hope that blizz actually does something. There is a very high chance that they do not even read this topic. But if they remove the topic they just do what they do in-game which is nothing.

So if that was a violation of forum policies to post armory link here and blizz deletes the topic then they can go ahead.

And yes, thank you for your concern. Unfortunately blizz is the only one who can do something for the bot problem.

Back in MoP when the bots flew (without mounts) through the air from node to node when we couldn’t fly it was a bit of a giveaway that they were bots.

All you can do is report in game or via the info in that link I posted. I know it’s frustrating. They never take action at an individual but rather go after a specific bot program(s). They do the bans in waves.

They will not delete a whole topic, but they will probably remove the information from your post and you may get a forum vacation because you wont respect the rules.

I never saw the flying bots in pandaria.

Also no problem in your post regarding my forum vacation. I had a voluntary forum vacation for 13 years. After posting this one day. I can make another 13 years easily.

I just want them to take actions instead of grasping things that do not matter.

This bot problem is really frustrating and it can be a deal breaker.