Removing the shop 30 day sub option is inacceptable

Unfortunately this is becoming a trend in the industry mate.

Xbox live won’t even let you sub for a month now.

ff14 is changing policy aswel. It’s so they can say hey look we got this many players subbed to their investors , they don’t care if you’re playing or not. Subs are non refundable , so that money and that sub is locked in.

Few people on these forums admitted they hate SL and people are like so why don’t you quit ? Erm because Blizz locked me down in a 6 month sub. So might aswel play and get my moneys worth.

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Yep very sad to see it though, also had no warning at all on EU, the only post is on the US forums (as usual), unfortunately the game in its actual state is not anywhere near that good that I would commit to a 2 months sub. So I guess that’ll be it for me, too bad I guess for not having a high salary and having a credit card

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If you still want to pay monthly , the token still offers that option. But that means spending gold.

I already paid for this month with a token because I had excess gold a little bit but I’m now at barely 100k and the token price has skyrocketed, the one I bought was already 192k for my sub

My tip mine older tbc /wrath/cata/ mop Ores and i always some decent G on those because nobody can be bothered to farm them.

Top of the forum made 9 hours ago .

Thanks for the tip I appreciate that, hopefully they go back on this change as there’s a pretty big uproar on the US forums

Sadly they nerfed raw gold so hard this expansion.

Back in bfa i found raw gold farming more efficient than professions even mining older stuff.

I couldn’t compete with multiboxers or druid armies. But i could make my monthly token simply running older raids back then.

Yep… We’ll see what happens but I sure as hell aint paying for 2 months at at a time, still no release date or PTR for 9.1, this change is just not necessary there was no need for it and no one asked for it, it’s just greed

Well they are called Bli$$ard for a reason.


May i ask why you made another thread why there is a big one going on already ?

Very true my friend, ah well we’ll see what happens, its pretty well going on the US forums as really few people are “ok” with the change, hopefully they go back on what they did and give the sub options back

Ah got me on ignore then oh well

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Here I am thinking removing 6 months option is unacceptable.

Wow, I did not know this. Will make it much easier to NOT resubscribe the next time I get the idea to check back, thanks Blizz for saving me some money.


You can sub…it’s gametime that was removed.

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Yes and I use gametime from the store because it allows mobile payments and a few other options, there is no reason for this apart from greed


True, gotta somehow make that $200 mill money back

mate,just unsuscribe and go play something else :smiley:
its what i did.

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