Rested XP addon

another bot system and break of blizz tos?? realy people play to use bots addons, no wonder the game is what it is today…

and yes wrath should have no changes what so ever… already to many of them to make retails plays classic

You can find it for free from google. Don’t support TOS breakers and use it for free if you want to use it in the first place


The addon wants ur b tag so u can only use it on that acc.

There is prob some work around to get it free but I’m not going into details

Now that is against the rules.

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I would offer to break it but I sure as shizzle ain’t paying for it to begin with.

Personally the add-on should be free but it’s up to blizzard to decide if they want to get involved.

They probably won’t.

There is no grey area, none whatsoever.

This is an addon in direct violation of the WoW User Interface Add-On Development Policy

1) Add-ons must be free of charge.

Furthermore it explicitly states

Developers may not create “premium” versions of add-ons with additional for-pay features, charge money to download an add-on, charge for services related to the add-on, or otherwise require some form of monetary compensation to download or access an add-on.

Notice “additional for-pay features”, “charge for services related to the add-on” (like for access to a 3rd party resource that provides the full addon)

It just hasn’t gone on Blizzard’s radar enough to explicitly ban or break it like it has done with AVR, oQueue, one version of Carbonite (for breaking both the for pay and obfuscation clause).

This one is also using obfuscation to hide parts of its “licensing scheme” and that’s part of the demo version distributed on Curse.


  1. The addon shouldn’t exist in its current demo/trial + pay for full form
  2. If you can acquire the full version for free you are doing nothing more than returning things to their proper state.

Why would you even need this?
Let alone pay for this…
Holy smokes…

Not to mention how they also break this rule:

4) Add-ons may not include advertisements.
Add-ons may not be used to advertise any goods or services.

Every time you level up the addon writes
“Hoitsu just leveled to 62 in 1 hour 32 minutes with RestedXP” or something like that in the /me emote chat. Literal advertisement for the addon so that random people see you using it and leveling up with it


Yeah I saw that the other day, it’s a bag a balls, far worse than RDF.

this, also i think zygor is better. the RXP addon looks like trash from 2007

It’s not a bot, it just tells you where to go.

Would never use it myself, but lets not paint it as something it’s not.

Addons should be free so here is the full version of RestedXP.
I do not care that streamer man doesn’t get money if you share it, spread it to your friends.


If you knew the level of details this addon provides you wouldnt say this.

It has modes for each class, maybe even spec. It shows quest-items to buy far in advance, other ppl would have to go back. It shows the most effective ways to go. A to F to C to D to B to E, where other ppl go A to B to C to D to E and use longer time.
It has measure for re-spawn times and much more. The addon is built on even more details than James’ Levelling guides were (and his didnt cover for class differences etc).

for those interested you can google: “RéstédXP ownedcore forum” , its the full 75 euro version for free, do not support T.O.S breakers


You never know if these are malware spreaders.

Its why Im mad with Blizzard for supporting even wowhead. They should not support anything and no addon or help programme should be allowed ever.

indeed, but ive been using it for the past week so i can vouch for it.

Then you scan the folder or program with your Anti Virus.

Personally I don’t need to use this type of addon as I know the game and have done just about every quest in the game,

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Wrath should have changes to it, game needs to be more challenging if anything, raids are stupidly easy.

Also the RXP addon is apparently protected by DRM so you cannot use the same addon on different computers, i’ve seen posts about people sharing the cost but they cannot then share the addon anymore, realistically not worth it, there’s plenty free options for quest guides, don’t waste your money supporting these kinds of people, addons should be free.

Can someone tl;dr what this addon does? Never heard of it.

Tells you how to level.

Ok it does tell you how to level faster, but ultimately it’s just telling you how to do something which happens passively as you play the game.

Personally it should be banned, nothing against speed runs, but if you wanna speed run it should be with stock game, no mods.

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