Resto druid LF active M+ guild

am an alliance resto druid 225 Ilevel Kyrian covenant ( no you did not read this incorrectly i am not Fae) However I would consider a swap if required. I am mostly a friendly (hopefully fun Xd) person looking for a new home as my current server is dead on ally side. I would love to join a guild that focuses or at least has a majority players that are into pushing high keys +15-20 relatively early in the patch life cycle. if you are interested in recruiting me or have more questions feel free to add my battle net: Micho#2177
I currently play on Rag ally side but would consider a server swap if the guild is a durable one.

ADd me so we can have a chat

is this your battle net? i cant seem to add that tag

That is my discord


Would love to have you as part of our M+ team.
Let us know if it interests you.

sorry havent checked this in a small while. I went through the post and the guild seems awesome. However, the prob is that its on horde side, i want to stay ally for the time being.


If you’re still looking for a guild, then maybe you could consider us? Ministry of Silly Wipes

We’re still quite a small guild, but are focusing mostly on mythic+ at the moment. We are still on lower keys whilst we’re helping some newer people to catch up, but we have a number of us that can push higher, and we will be trying our best to get everyone caught up to do so soon, too.

We are quite a social guild, and use Discord alot.
If you want to chat, you can add me on bnet (Westie#2496) or Discord (xWestie#9361).