Resto druid LF mythic raiding team



as the title says, i am looking for mythic raiding team, with aiming for curve in next raid.

I am mythic raiding since NH (previously healinv on my shaman), so i can offer all what being part of mythic team mean.

My current team unfortunately disbanded due low activity of players, so i am looking for stable home, with friedly attitude. On the other hand, i want guild that is not messing around during raid, guild with good leadership and place where i could be part of team.

I can offer good attitude during raids, working mic (discord, TS…), preparation before raids etc. I know my strong parts and my weak ones and i am always ready to listen to more experienced players and improove my playstyle.

If you are interested, contact me either on discord Falconea#3931 or Nea#2472


Hey dude!

We are still building our roster and still dont have any druid resto healer.

You can take a look at this post to see our guild post.

if you are interested, you can contact us.

Have a great day



Thank you for your reply


Hej Falconea.
Have you checked out Ashes - Kazzak Recruiting for Battle of Dazar'alor


Hey Falconea,

I’ve added you on discord.


Thank you for replies, guys, still considering the best option


Hi Falconea!

I’ll write a personal bit first, but then just pop our guild recruitment thing in after as it explains in more detail. I feel you on the disbanding due to inactivity, we just went through that ourselves. We (the members who broke away) mostly have curve, though due to said inactivity we did it without our guild). We are trying to build a fun and active team and have some truly awesome people already. So if you’re open to talking we’d love to learn more about you.

So our guild is part of an older guild that has split apart and we’re looking for members to join us so we can have something active. A huge part of our old guild splitting apart was that the core of our team stopped playing except for raid times, which meant that a lot of us were left without a group to play with. So we’re now trying to form an active, fun, entertaining guild from that. We have amazingly talented players, some good ones, and some who are just learning the ropes of wow (one of our most active members just started playing but I’m fairly sure he’s going to be taking over the world lol)

We are a fun group and looking for others to join us! If this sounds at all interesting, please add me on battlenet and we can chat.


And here’s the guild recruitment info if you want more details

Who are we?
The Eighth Sin are a mature, friendly guild who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are a raiding guild, and we raid two nights a week, with a third scheduled day (not mandatory) for mythic plus, normal raids, etc. We are not aiming to be the best out there (though that would be great), but we are trying to consistently make progress and grow as a team. We arrange activities outside of raids for the guild as well, PvP, other PvE, mount and transmog farming, etc.

As you see in most posts these days, our old guild suffered from the ‘only online for raid’ syndrome a lot of the time. We’d like to make sure that’s not the case here and are looking for people who want to be active and enjoy the game with us. Most of our players have been playing since Vanilla and BC. But don’t let that put you off if you haven’t been! We are open to anyone. We are happy to help teach you the ropes as well if you’re a newer or returning player who wants to raid or do old content but feels a bit overwhelmed. But attitude is super important to our team, as we want everyone to enjoy themselves.

We raid two nights a week, and run Mythic + almost every day, with an aim to get everyone their +10 every week for gear at least.

We know that since we’re all adults real life takes precedence and that you may miss raids, or turn up a little late every so often. We understand. And the only thing we ask is you let us know on Discord so we can make sure we expect it!

Raiding times

Raid nights: Monday & Wednesday
Raid time: 20:30 - 11:30 Server Time

Alt / Mythic Plus / Normal night: Friday
Time: 20:30-11:30 (not mandatory to be there, or there the whole time, this is just about enjoying time together in other content)

What are we looking for?

  • Any Ranged DPS (Especially Warlocks, Mages, and Shamans)
  • Melee DPS ( Death Knights, Demon Hunters, Warriors)
  • Healers (Shamans, Priests, and Druids - but again we are open to any)*
  • Are you social but want a chance to run the content as well? Join us and run on our alt days!
  • Show up on time so we get as much time in the raid as possible
  • Bring your own flasks, pots, food
  • Have your gear gemmed and enchanted before raid

If your class isn’t listed here please do contact us, because we are really trying to build out our core raiding team as we have just started the guild. We have a solid base to work from but we need to flesh out our ranks. So we are open to any good applicant (even if currently undergeared or new to the game and ready to progress).

Contact info
Niambh - Niambh#2511
KrazyKai - Kai#2842

We will have a website shortly, but in the mean time just reply here or give us a shout on Battlenet.