Resto/Ele shaman LFG 405 ilvl 3/9 M



I’m a swedish guy at the prime age of 27 and now I’m looking for something new!
So sadly my guild disbanded due to low activity so now I’m in the search for a new guild. I can play both ele and resto quite well and as I said I’m 3/9 m.

Dont wanna go over the past since it’s so much to write but I have played both semi hardcore aswell as casual in the past and consider myself as a quite decent player or even good. Preferably want to play as horde on draenor but if something interesting is coming up I’m open to transfer server and faction!

Would prefer to play 2 days a week but even here I’m flexible if the right offer comes up.

Thanks for reading, best regards

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Hi Tzekal,

I am sorry to hear about your guild collapsing and good luck in your search for the right home for you. I think we would be a good candidate though to be upfront we would need to see some more logs first of you rocking your Shaman; or perhaps you would like to come along to our weekly heroic run.

The Exiles are a 2 day 4/9M Horde guild but we are on Shadowsong rather than Draenor. If still interested you can read a bit more about our team on Wowprogress.

What we value the most is enjoying the game together and if you think we would be a good fit for you then I look forward to hearing from you,

Spikey (Battlenet: Spikey#2323)


Hello, that sounds great. I’ll add you on so we can have a chat there!


Hello there !

Instead of doing a huge wall of text or a copy paste macro I’d rahter have a chat face to face to try and convince you to join Indomitable on Tarren Mill , we raid 2 days a week with an optional raid thrown in there aswell. We are 3/9Mythic with good opulence pulls and ae just waiting for the right dps to bolster our team so we can push a bit harder.

You can always add me for a chat on Inserted#2225


Add me to btag, so we could have a chat, if you still looking guild: decrakass#2249


Hello there, Im the Guild master of the Guild Fudged on draenor. We are currently 6/9m. Feel free to add me on real id for a Quick chatt. Devada#2446

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++(H)Lást Rites - Late night raid guild - Kazzak++

Lást Rites is a guild with focus on pve endgame in our own time, but mythic+ and arenas are also often run by the members on daily basis
as we are a community of friends/family/gamers first who play the game for fun!.

We raid on a very family friendly schedule:

Wednesday - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet
Thursday- 22.00 - 00.30 Cet
Tuesday. optional Alt/Nm/Hc - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet

++As of right now our progress is:++

Normal BOD 9/9
Heroic BoD 9/9
Mythic BOD 1/9

Normal Uldir 8/8
Heroic Uldir 8/8
Mythic Uldir 2/8

We are now recruiting to fill up our roster for our Heroic team, and to begin planing our Mythic Team Once More!. Therefore we need you!

Tank - closed
1DPS with tank OS
All DPS classes


If accepted into the guild, your trial period will last 3 weeks (6 raids) so that both you and the guild can feel if we are a good match.

++About Lást Rites:++

Most of our founders have played and run guilds since Vanilla, raiding in guilds like:
Last Watch - Aquamarines and Elitist Gaming. When Draenor hit most of us had enough of the elite hardcore raiding,
because we shared the same vision - That the game should not control us,it should be played around us and members real life
that is how this guild started out on Doomhammer/Turalyon (Ally) for about 14 years ago.
At the end of Legion the core group moved to Kazzak (Horde) with their vision, and Lást Rite was born!

We value or community very highly, and therefore you will in your trial period also be evaluated not only on skills,
but also how you fit into the group. We want to progress through the endgame at a decent pace,
while we have a lot of fun and laughs along the way!
That dosen´t mean we don’t take our raiding seriously,
but we do feel that a big part of the wow community and raiding scene is in a very toxic state.
And that is not how we want to experience the game we all love or love to hate :slight_smile:
We want to be a Guild/Team/Community whom enjoy playing together as friends!

If this seems interesting for you to be a part of, don’t hesitate to contact us in game or on discord:

ShaunStewart#2220 - Guild Master/Raid Leader/Community Manager.
Ampal0s#2193 - Raid Leader/Council/Community
Windy86#2593 - Recruitment/Council.
Deckhead#2482 - Guild Assist/Recruiment/Council.
Hope to see you in game!.

Kind Regards, Last Rites Team!.

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Heya! This is my recruitment: [H-DRAENOR] DHX - HEROIC AND MYTHIC RAIDING

We raid 2/3 days a week depending on need, starting in heroic and working our way through mythic. We are a social bunch of loot hos, who live on discord and love mythic plus. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers! :sunglasses:


Hey there, LM is looking for a healer with a good os dps to join our core for further progress, hit me up on Skogen#21357 for a talk , we might be what you are looking for!

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Hello mate. If you can ele with o/s resto then bonus.

Currently 2/2 hc, 3/9m

Check us out:


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Hi, if you’re looking for a step up we could offer that. 8/9M, however Alliance and 3day :slight_smile: will add you. [A]<Requiem> 8/9 Mythic BoD (8/8M CE Uldir) - Recruiting!


Hi - we are currently building a new guild with CE aspirations. Read more here: [H] [Tarren Mill] Cutting Edge ambitions?

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*2/2 HC

Battle of Dazar’alor:

  • 3/9 Mythic
  • 9/9 Heroic

Raid Days (Servertime):

  • Wednesday, 20:00-23:00
  • Sunday, 20:00-23:00


Is a mature (18+) raiding guild, consisting of old and new players, We came from the guild Gits , that have a history all the way back to vanilla. and have always got AHOC .

What is the goal:

Our goal is to do regular mythic raiding with a group of like minded individuals.
The ambition is to clear the content while it is current, but the mindset we have is that we go as far as we can, as long as we’re having fun while doing it.
This means that even if we don’t clear everything, at least we’ll have had a blast trying and knowing that we did our hardest to get where we are. And that is good enough for us!

What do we expect:

We expect our raiders to always bring their A-game to raids.
People can have off-days, and that is alright. Just as well as people can have Real Life emergencies, which obviously wont be a problem either

for more infos contact me:

Btag: c0re#2104
Discord(prefered): jaycore#8306


Hey you beautiful human being

<Contemplation> A Raiding guild formed at the start of Battle of Azeroth.

As a guild a few things you need to know about us;

We are a unique guild, we have players from all walk of life and disabilities. Cant talk, no worry. Cant hear, no worry. Cant see colours, no worry. Have autism? No worrys, we adapt and overcome.

We start our raids at 21:45 - 00:30, Mondays & Wednesdays.
Gives players a chance to get home from work, eat/shower and not have to rush to a computer screen first thing.

Our focus is to continue progress Mythic Raiding, establish a stable team, have fun, kill things and get loot. Current BfD progress being 9/9hc, and 4/9 mythic.

Friendly vibe in guild with helpful players, social atmosphere with an active Discord, and a lot of mythic keystones each week.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to /w me in game as Sevla or Sevlla , send an in game mail or add my battle tag xscreamit#2286


Hey Tzekal,

I’m sorry to hear about your previous guild, it’s rough out there right now. We are looking for a resto/ele shaman. You can check out our full recruitment post bellow.

Contact me on:

Discord: Krathe#3304

BattleTag: Krathe#2321