Resto Shaman LF 1 Day raiding Guild

Hey Guys/Girls,

my name is Tom and im 24 years old. Due to me starting to work shifts i need to leave my current Guild which i raided with since mid BFA. We got CE every Tier. To be honest i am not aiming for CE anymore allthough it would be nice :slight_smile: Im just looking for a chilled 1 day raiding Guild with a good atmosphere to raid in.

To get things straight to the point i am looking for a 1 day raiding guild that raids on the weekend ( Saturday/Sunday) that is raiding mythic.

Now to myself,
im playing a Resto Shaman since i started playing wow again after a long break arround Legion. Got back into Raiding with BFA and after i joined my current Guild we allways got CE so i got experience in Mythic Raiding and harder Content.

If u guys got any questions or can suggest a 1 day raiding guild thats raiding Mythic feel free to suggest it to me :slight_smile:

Btag is Peekie#2207

Raids Sat/Sun you say?