Ret Paladin (EU Outland) Looking for a

Hello! I’m a retribution paladin looking for a new guild as my old one is almost completly inactive nowdays.

I’m mainly a casual WoW-player who loves questing and doing dungeons and I have very little raiding and PVP experience. However I have a great interest to learn about and get more into both raiding and PVP.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Hi Ansoh

Check out this post my guild master posted a few days ago. Have a read and see if this is something that has interest :slight_smile:

Good day Ansoh, if you like to try out Alliance side, perhaps BEAST can be a place to fit in for you.

Feel free to throw me a chat.

More details at [A][Eonar][3/10 CN(h)] <BEAST> Join us in 9.1 for Sanctum of Domination. No raiding experience? No problem :-)

Hey Ansoh! If you are open for realm transfer, maybe this fits you :slightly_smiling_face: