Ret Paladin ilvl 212, 10/10 HC, LFG, +98.2 parses AV CN

Hello there, I’m a ret paladin looking to join a good raiding guild. I have done 10/10 normal and 10/10 HC castle nathria. Am experienced on every boss fight and would like to find a raiding guild to progress with into mythic. I’m available most nights preferable raid nights till 22.00 and weekends. But weeks and 23.00 can be done aswell. I can play on any server as any faction.


We’re looking for a retri paladin currently.

Please do let us know if your interested.

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[Horde][Tarren Mill] ”Distinct” 10/10HC 1/10M recruiting for CE & M+ at a high level.

Distinct is a PVE focused guild, that has established the right balance between Fun and friendly, but still very focused on performance/progress. Thats aims to make a guild filled with mature gamers. A welcoming home for those that like quality gameplay within a social, friendly, structured, mature, self critical and well performing environment. For our raiding team we are looking for exceptional DPS and healers (speccs listed below). And for Mythic + anyone with a solid background of pushing keys is welcome. The guild is mainly made to progress thru mythic raids and obtain cutting edge within reasonable time + being as efficient as we can with our time outside of the raids without the need to pug Mythic+ keys and always able to do high mythic keys on a daily basis.

The guild does have a very active and involved GM that has bigger goals for the guild such as making a boosting group within aswel for farming gold. But for all this we do need more exceptional players. So if you feel like you are a gamer and able to be social/friendly and constructive Please read for further information. And add Alekker#7538 on discord for further recruitment, with logs, char name, experience and some basic info about your ready. Thnx for getting this far and hope you have a good day GL & HF.


-2 day raid schedule + 1 optional day: wed, sun and tue 19:30-23:00. Tuesday being the optional day.

-Looking for raiders with a solid background of mythic raiding, or either solid Current heroic logs.

-Raiders that are active outside of raiding times for pushing keys. And some optional boosting

-Raiders that are mature, friendly and constructive, there is no need for a tense and cold environment to progress. Its very important for us that we all have fun and that raiding feels like a rewarding fun challenge instead of a job.

-We got quite a solid core but do need some solid dps to achieve our goals.

-Any DPS or healing specs are considered with solid logs.

Classes in high demand: but like stated before any solid dps is considered.

-Tank: Monk, Dk, Dh



-Holy priest

-Holy pally

-MW monk

-Ret pally


Looking for solid mythic+ pushers, with either a solid background of M+ or a current score of atleast 800. Just a bit under 800 is also fine, we understand how frustrating pugging can be.

People that are interested in making a boost group within the guild are also very much welcome. But this is something that is not ready yet. But like state before we got a very active GM and wil be setup in a week or two.