Returning balance Druid LF chill raid guild for s4 and beyond!

Greetings and salutations!
As you might have guessed from the title, I am on the hunt for a new guild to call home during this season and the upcoming expansion.
After a brief vacation in SoD I’ve returned to the normal timeline and looking forward for what’s the come.
I’m mainly looking for a guild that aims to clear AOTC, don’t mind dabbling a bit in mythic if it comes to that but I’m not a CE pumper.
I’ve got curves in every expansion (except BFA) since WoD and always show up prepared and ready for what’s to come.
I’d prefer a guild that raids on weekday evenings ( -tuesdays) and either raid once or twice per week.
Outside of raiding I enjoy dabbling in M+ as much as the other guy and just do whatever finds me fancy on the day.
So yea, otherwise I’m a 29 year old dude from Sweden and so forth yada yada.
If anyone’s got a guild that might be a fit I’ll gladly take your call and we can chat some more and I can add whatever else you’d wanna know.
Thanks for reading peeps and have a good day!

Hi Rösk

Alliance Silvermoon Guild needs members for AOTC + CE in WW as DF is finished
message me on disc: numlock

all classes are viable
Server: Silvermoon
Guild Name: Not Like Us
Raiding Schedule: Wed Thurs 20-23 ST
Faction: Alliance
Progress: Minimum of ATOC every tier pushing into Mythic
with a grand goal of CE

What our Guild can offer:
Consistent Raids + M+
A diverse group of players who easily clear content

Ideal Candidates:
over 18 years
Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it

For more info message me on disc: numlock

Maybe Punished on Dentarg/Tarren Mill could be the place for you?

We raid Wed/Thurs from 21 to 00 server time. Are mature, older group of people with lives and stuff outside the game to attend to.
We do not require you to join our guild to be part in our m+ runs or raids. We have a community which allows people to be part of the team regardless of their realm or guild they are in for social aspect.

Our main is AoTC and some early mythic bosses if roster allows, pugging if we need to, but prefer friends/guild/community members in our group.

More info about who we are can be read from this post: Punished [Dentarg/Tarrem Mill][A/H] is looking more for s4! - #9 by Holyfluff-dentarg

If we are something you might want to give a try with, then add me on discord and we can have a chat there - mari.s

Hey Rösk,

Welcome back! What server are you looking for? I have a guild on Draenor, we are cross faction and always looking for new friends. We don’t have a druid in our raid team so you would be a nice addition. Our raid days are Wed/Sun - 20:30 - 11:00 server time and outside of raiding we run myth+ night and social events. That’s enough waffling if you want a chat you can reach me on Discord: Bowmistress or Battlenet: Bowmistress#2796.

Happy Hunting :paw_prints:

Hi mate,

If you’re still looking add me: discord: Qubiik.

We have 2 raid teams, 1 Mythic and 1 HC always getting AOTC.

Let me know if interested

Hey Rösk,

We are currently recruiting a boomkin for our guild. We have 2 raiding teams that you might find interesting :slight_smile:
Here’s all the info about us.

If you’d like to have a chat, feel free to add me on Discord: Theoriginalxarial

Welcome back to game, Rösk!

Healer problem can be a guild for you!
We are well established guild on Draenor with two mythic teams.

We position ourselves as midcore two-day mythic raiding guild. Most of our members are 30+ yo with jobs, families, kids, and rational sets of mind.

Our second team is currently looking for a reliable and skillful boomkin. The team raids Thu+Mon 20-23h ST.

You can learn about us here:
⭐ [H/A][Draenor] <Healer Problem> - S4 - LF Healers

Let me know if Healer Problem is something for you. Add me for a chat on discord cheyanna_5202 or Battlenet Lawura#2369.

[Guild: Highlords] HC/Mythic guild under experienced leadership is looking for Heals and dps ( mage, monk, DH). For our raid roster for Season 4. Raids: Wed/Sun 20-23 Server Time.

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: If you are still looking for a guild, we have a newer guild on Ragnaros that is focused entirely on having fun, meeting friends, helping one another, and enjoying the game. I understand this would require you to server transfer, and understand if that is not something you are looking to do :slightly_smiling_face:

If you wish to contact me, undertale22 on discord or HopesNDreams#2993 on bnet
Have a great day!!