Returning EU-player looking for a new home

I’m a returning EU-player who is looking for a new home.
:white_check_mark: I’m flexible with regards to realm and faction.
:white_check_mark: I’m open to join an international or German guild.
:question: I plan to play a fresh character going through the revamped level experience of Shadowlands.
:question: I’m still rather fresh, with about 30d total playtime across my characters.
:question: I’m a raiding noob: I have 5/9 N and 4/9 HC Battle of Dazar’alor.
:question: I’m looking for a place to kick back after work and real life duties are done.
:warning: I don’t mind rules, I do mind restrictions.
:warning: I often have periods where I might not be able to play.

Think I might be a fit for you? Let me know!

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Greetings Elladrea,

Our guild, The Twilight Tier (Horde, Saurfang), is currently recruiting new members after a time of inactivity. We’re building a friendly and drama-free community where all like-minded players are welcome. We get that life comes first, and would never pressure anyone into playing a specific class, role or having to play at specific times. Our main focus is just having a good time and chatting amongst ourselves while we level alts, dungeon grind or do whatever it is we enjoy in the game.

Going forward, we’ll be looking at tackling content as a guild. Despite a number of our members having raiding experience, I cannot promise raids at this point in time, but it’s something we’re open to should our numbers increase.

If this sounds like a place you’d like to call home, feel free to send me a message on Discord (Veletala#8483) or on (Veletala#2216), and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Best of luck in your search for a guild. :slight_smile:


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Hello Elladrea.

We are Faster than Lag on ragnsros welcomes everyone who has the same mindset as ours. You can read more about us here

We are social rebuilding guild that has just started recruitment. We already have some nice people and are on the lookout for more.

If you have any questions or want to know more please add LFC#21212 for a chat.

Best regards

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Hi Ellandrea,

We have a guild, and feel like you would be a good fit. You can always pop all along and have a chat with one of our officers.


What is Rekindled?

A mixed group of new and veteran WoW players who have spent our time together building a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable environment.
Our doors are open to like-minded players who prefer a more laid back gaming experience, while having a laugh and making friends in the process.
We’re an adult guild, many of us have families and other commitments (as much as we’d like to be playing WoW all day) so we’re looking for other adults to join us.

Who are Rekindled?

Our community has become fast friends. For us the person comes first, the character second, or as we like to say the person comes before the pixel.
We enjoy helping each other, organise social events and competitions, and most of all enjoy each others company, there’s always someone chatting away in guild or discord.
We have recently branched out into other games, including among us, sea of thieves and a discord adapted version of the family classic Werewolves. We even have a regular Dungeons & Dragons evening.

There’s a lot of veteran players in our guild, people who have returned to the game, found us and made themselves a new home.
We are VERY accommodating for new players, if you’ve had a bad experience elsewhere, please give us a try.

Who are Rekindled not?

We are not a progression focused raiding guild. While we do have tons of raid progression experience (from our youthful days in BC and Wrath) we’re not interested in hardcore raid progression anymore. That being said, we do have regular evenings where we do everything from PVE, progress, raids, achievements, transmog (the true end game), mount farm and much much more.

We are not a pressurised guild. You do you! Whatever it is that you enjoy most about World of Warcraft, that is what we encourage. Play the class you love, play the spec you love.

How to reach us:

Please follow the link to our Discord, it’s the best way to get in contact with one of the team.
Battlenet: Xrathia#2653

Alternatively, get in touch with us ingame.
We are based on the old RP-PVP cluster: Scarshield Legion/Ravenholdt/The Venture Co/Sporeggar/Defias Brotherhood/Darkmoon Faire/Earthern Ring

If you’re on a different server, then we encourage players to create an alt and get to know us.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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