Returning Feral Druid LF Casual raiding guild

Returning Feral Druid LF Casual raiding guild. I have recently purchased a new pc so im looking to return to wow after a fair few years away.

Due to my work commitments and shift work changing on a weekly basis it could only be casual raiding as i may not be available for all raids.

I used to raid pretty seriously and have many years experience leading right back to WOTLK on some hardcore raiding guilds.

Im in the process of levelling and gearing but if anyone could offer me a home it would be greatly appreciated. Im available for a chat either via battle net or discord if anyone would like to get in touch.

Elunda - Andymcc#2987

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Hey there, ever wanted to try out Horde?
We’re a new social guild on Draenor, feel free to read about us and get in touch!!

Hey there Elunda,

I don’t know if we’re a good match for you, but I would love to see if we can mean something for eachother.

I want to invite you to have a look at our recruitment thread and see if it appeals you: [A][Eonar] BEAST welcomes (in)experienced players for more fun together

Hoping to hear from you when it does :slight_smile:

Could i add you on bnet for a quick chat?

If you consider Draenor and Horde then Part Time Legends 9/10HC (H) Draenor LFM

Hey Bud!

Added you on battlenet, hopefully we tick a few boxes for you!

[ Origin of Insanity] a friendly guild looking to expand our numbers any players new/old/ lvlers or people who just wanna chat, we are a social guild raid saturdays 10/10 normal CN looking to progress to HC we also M+ daily we have a very active discord come join the fun

Hey Elunda,

Rekindled are recruiting and we are very welcoming of new and returning players. We are a community that has grown and developed over the past year or so.

We are currently 7/10HC and if you are still looking for a home please get in touch.

Our recruitment post is below: