Returning player looking for a casual weekend raiding guild


I have played WoW on and off since Cataclysm. Mostly PvE content. I dabbled in raiding at the beginning of BfA and found it a lot of fun. There were some aspects of the game that I did not enjoy as much and so stopped playing. With Shadowlands around the corner I’m returning and want to find a group to progress through the raid content with.

About me:
Age: 31
Preferred role to play: DPS and/or healer.
Classes I have played at endgame before: Druid(Resto/Balance), Shaman(Resto).
Class I would prefer to play: I can roll whatever the guild currently needs.

Will I be playing multiple characters: No. I might level an alt or two, but I will not try to manage multiple characters with endgame in mind. I might switch to a new main as new raid tiers/class balances roll out. If you want me to play multiple roles, I can play a hybrid.

Communications: Discord works fine and I have no problem understanding English, but I do have a strong accent, so might not be the most talkative person on the server.

What days am i free for raiding: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I cannot commit to weekdays unfortunately.

What time should the raids start/end. No restrictions to the start time. Aim to end by midnight for EET/EEST.

What is my progression goal: Clear Heroic, progress into Mythic.
What will I bring: I will try to improve my skills with my class. I will read the fight descriptions in the game. I will follow raid leader instructions. I will have consumables ready. if the guild works together on food and flasks, I can do some fishing/herbalism etc. to contribute materials. I will not start drama, be a jerk, be an a**, get offended, get mad, get frustrated.
This is a game, I approach it as a game.
There are real people on the other side of the monitor and I treat them as I would like to be treated myself.

What do I expect from the guild: I will gladly join in on other PvE activities besides the raiding. I will help out other players when possible. I will be active on the guild chat/discord. I am here to have some fun, that’s all.

I’ll see you in Shadowlands.

Hello Radugast.

Im sure you could be a perfect match for us and vice versa. I can’t promis mythic raiding but if we get enough people for it then we will dip our toes in there.

Have a read and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: