Returning player looking for guild (Healer) (NM/HC)

Hi I’m looking for a new m+ and raiding guild that I could join as i’ve just recently returned to the game. I’ll be playing disci priest but can offspec if needed. AOTC experienced playing heals and dps so thats what im primarly looking for, maybe a bit of mythic but no cutting edge. willing to transfer but will only play horde :slight_smile:

Aarxn#7648 on discord or Cogent#2257 on bnet

Hi Dude

were currently looking for more to join our team will post link below but feel free to add me to discuss if needed

[H] Unwavering Fools (HC 7/8) - 2xDPS 1xMaintank - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (


Sent you a message on discord :slight_smile:

Hi there,

We’re slowly building a tight knit team of awesome people to clear the HC raids and do some m+ together.

Recruitment is going slow but steady because we really want to make sure people fit well in the group we already have. Currently we have cleared up to 5/8HC and we need some more DPS to make the harder fights a bit easier.

I know you’re mainly looking for a healing spot but those are unfortunatly taken for now, but if you’re willing to dps and step in as a healer when one of the main healers has RL stuff mess up a raid day, feel free to give our topic a read: