Returning player looking for guild

I am looking to get back into the game after a long break. I am down to play alliance or horde and don’t really have a preference for a server. Preferably looking for a small active guild. Haven’t done any raiding or m+ in 2-3 years so not looking to push high keys or do mythic raiding, also down to get into pvp but never tried it before.

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: If you are still looking for a guild, we have a newer guild on Ragnaros that is focused entirely on having fun, meeting friends, helping one another, and enjoying the game. I understand this would require you to server transfer, and understand if that is not something you are looking to do :slightly_smiling_face:

If you wish to contact me, undertale22 on discord or HopesNDreams#2993 on bnet
Have a great day!

Hey man, i created a mythic plus focussed guild on Argent Dawn. It’s a small community as of now, but i have the intention to try my best to grow this guild into something good.

The guild will be for people of all walks of life, with a strong achivement / social side.

If you ever find yourself on Argent Dawn, feel free to add me:

Discord: maxion94
Bnet: Unikron#21873

Hey there :slight_smile: , how are you? I hope you would find us a nice place to be,

We do M+ nightly any where from 2-20 some of us like higher and lower all a bit of fun!
We are new but have a great looking team so far and are looking for some more DPS and 1 more Tank to help finish up our heroic raiding team!

Thank you :slight_smile: