Returning player

Hi there! I’m a returning player.
I haven’t really played since legion. And now I’d like to find a guild to call home again. I like to raid, do mythic + and chill with my guild.

I’m experienced in several classes but really prefer to play my lock or ele shammy who just hit 120 still levelling my warlock

have played since tbc days on an off Been raiding since vanilla and raided every expansion except mop and cataclysm. The guilds ive been in the past was quite hardcore after something more chilled and relaxed
Also i dont get online to around 20.15 st

Transfer is possible. would prefer alliance but open to both

Do leave a reply here if you think I’ll fit in with you guys! :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile:

If you looking for hardcore you’ll barely find it in our small casual company, but if you looking for nice friendly people, we’d be glad to see you in our communities ^___^

What you can expect from us: nobody will force you to play class or spec you don’t like, nobody will force you to join “right” covenant, and I’m personally will not let you go without hugs, and you’ll walk through all circles of hell with us because we wipe a lot and often inventing our own tactics :slight_smile:

What you can’t expect from us: fast progress, playing “right” raid composition (goddammit, in m+ we was healed mostly by holy priests for entire season, and that’s considering “worst” choice for that purpose :smiley: ), hardcore pvp (we’re pve-hamsters lol), transmog runs (well, nobody will prevent you from that, but we mostly doesn’t interested).

So, here we are. I can suggest you Ravencrest guild Clandestine with nice and welcoming people, and also international crossrealm ingame-community Eternal Suffering :slight_smile: Just check links below.

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Hello Tazmir.

We at faster than lag is rebuilding to its former glory as being known as a “place to call home”. We are not hardcore but we do want to spend the time in HC with a focused mind and kill as many bosses as possible in the time we will have available. We do aim for curve every tier

I know we are not alliance but I do hope that you will consider us anyways or atleast have a talk with us so we can see if we are a match for you :).

Please read more about us here

If you got any questions or what any more information about us you can add Lfc#21212

Best regards

Hello there,
Are you interested in semi-hardcore late night raiding guild with 3 days a week schedule. Raiding times from 22pm to 01am. Our goal is heroic clear on every raid tier and pushing mythic. If you’re interested whisper me on my battlenet Serphentos#2992

Hey Taznir! :slight_smile:

Maybe see if TheNightShift is a good fit for you?

Heyo Taznir. I have started a new guild on Boulderfist as Horde. (swedes, norwegians and danish peeps. Mostly swedes) we are recruiting new members to join our community ^^ If you’re from sweden, norwegian or denmark we would like to have you! The Guild is a social, casual raiding guild. We do not have a progress 'cause the guild is new :slight_smile: We are going to raid in Shadowlands and do m+ and some events that we actually have started doing now! The events are and going to be achievement/mount/tmogs runs for now. And will probably be more in the future! Like I said, we are not raiding now, we are going to start doing it in Shadowlands, for now we are doing some events and helping those who need help in mythic dungeons. If you like to know more please add zEm #2675 (Swedish) and/or AaronM #2931 (norwegian) and they will help you out! :slight_smile: zEm is going to be online at 19.00 tonight and lead an event because I am working evening shift this week :slight_smile: I hope to hear more from you and hopefully see you in the guild :wink: Have a nice evening and take care! / Azzari

Allow me to introduce Supercilious of Draenor.

The raid times are:
Monday 7-11pm
Wednesday 7-11pm
Friday 7-12pm

The time frame and days are set in stone, however the exact times are preliminary and may be slightly shorter (.5-1 hr) per day, this is tbd.

What there is to know about Supercilious :

  • Experienced & transparent leadership
  • High expectations for each individual
  • Everyone is being re-trialed for Shadowlands
  • An enjoyable well-prepared raid environment
  • We are a multilingual guild and speak English in raids
  • A solid core which has played together for years
  • Goal is CE with smooth progression

What we expect from Raiders :

  • Don’t be toxic
  • Generally 25+, 20+ minimum
  • 90% minimum attendance in a period of 3 months
  • Full consumables on progression or recent boss kills
  • Prior preparation to the raid, including but not limited to our custom strategy
  • The ability to take constructive criticism and an eagerness to provide help to others
  • Keeping up with all the in-game power systems and showing up to every raid as powerful as reasonably possible
  • Open and honest communication. A microphone is required and you must have the ability to communicate during a raid

How to Apply :

  1. Go to our discord:
  2. Read the Bot message and click " Pog "
  3. Fill out the application thoroughly
  4. Post your completed application into the #application Channel
  5. You will be contacted by an Officer

About Us :
With Shadowlands around the corner, a handful of us returned and established on Draenor late into the final tier of BfA - Ny’alotha. The core of the guild raided together across various expansions and servers within the Pserver scene. Driven by the prospect of the upcoming expansion, more and more people showed interest in joining us once again. Along with this core, old friends, and new faces we set out to create a successful, efficient, and enjoyable mythic raiding environment.

The ideal guild member engages with the guild and enjoys spending time with other guildmates. This includes activities outside of raids such as M+, PvP, or various other non-wow related things. Many of us have been friends for years and have played a wide array of video games together apart from WoW, while this is not mandatory, it is encouraged, we don’t just want to be a raid group, but rather - a group of friends

Hey Taznir!

We would love to have a chat with you. I am from Requiem on Ravencrest. We are a 2 night a week raiding guild that has reformed late BFA to start raiding in Shadowlands again. In the following link you will find our recruitment post here on the EU Forums; <Requiem> is recruiting [Ravencrest][A][HC/M/M+]. You can find more information about us there. If you like what you see or want to have a chat feel free to contact me via bnet: Sarth#21218 or discord: Sarth#3134. Or contact any of the other officers at the bottom of the recruitment post.

Kind regards,

Sarchai - Requiem

Have you ever heard of a guild who has a beter name then the name Hydra? well you maybe have i dont know haha. But our guild will do events in SL and have a lot of fun in discord or guild chat. Our main purpose is to progress in the game and also have a lot of funn doing it!! if you are instrested just let me know <3 we are horde tho