Returning player

As the title says I’m looking for a new guild for the Shadowlands xpac.

I raided on my hunter end of legion quit just after bfa lauched du irl and took a break for SL and I’m currently just relaxing playing some BG’s and farming, collecting etc.

A little about myself - I’m 32, British, played WoW since tbc days and raided most tiers, mostly on warrior / hunter Currently I haven’t decided on class yet but more likely be hunter. I know my class & I’m reliable, I always turn up on time, correctly gem’d, enchanted and ready to go. I was a officer in a guid before but collapsed due to GM leaving game

Most important for me when playing the game is being part of a guild with a warm atmosphere that has a fun time and good banter but knows when to buckle down and get serious. I’ll play either H or A for such a guild. In my old age the level I’m playing at is clearing Heroic in a timely fashion I have neither the interest nor the time to be a hardcore Mythic raider these days.

I’m looking for a group that raids 2x nights per week, from 20.30 server time as much as I’d like to raid more - I have a family and job to balance also.

Anyway I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from you soon!

here is my discord Osric#5076

Or reply here

Hi mate,

Nice to have you back amongst us, honestly from everything youve typed you sound like a perfect fit, except we currently have a full roster of hunters.

However we would love to hear from you, check out our post below, if we interest you please do contact me…


Hello, maybe you will like this…

Hey There,
I’ve dropped you a request as I might have a guild for you!

Added you too

Thanks for the reply but times but tight don’t get online to around 20.15

“Dingus” is recruiting! We are a small group who are looking to start progressing HC raiding. Our current team is 9 and we all play most days (all UK IRL friends)! We have had normal on farm for the last few weeks. We will be raiding 2030-0030 Server Time every Wednesday and then possibly other nights if requested . We also run RBG events and have many active Arena players. All classes and roles will be considered. Please let me know if you’d like any other information.