Returning player

Hi all,

I am on the lookout for a new raiding guild. have cleared all the way up to sire normal/ heroic

I’m mainly focused on finding a Heroic guild.

So I am currently undecided on class to play really either be ele shammy warrior, rogue

So I started in TBC and I’ve played a bit of everything over the years (mostly rogue or Shammy ). I’m usually a quiet player (because of the kids in the background) but will pipe up when it’s my moment to shine. My main aim is to raid and clear Heroic and get my KSM for each season that comes, anything further than that is a bonus.

I’m usually on during the evening from around 20.30 server time so raids ideally will be around this time do love chatting on discord and getting to know ppl

Thanks for reading

Hey there, send me a message on discord Mirthrollir#3376 and we can see if our guild would work for you :slight_smile:

Evening :slight_smile:

I am part of a friendly heroic group on horde looking for dps players. We’re a cross server group that aim to mainly raid HC. We cleared HC last tier. Outside of raids we also do M+ and have gotten our season 1 KSM and aim to continue doing KSM this season as well. Some of us are very experienced and have cleared mythic in 9.0 while others only started playing WoW this expansion. We raid thursdays and saturdays from 19:30 till around 22:30, so it might be a bit early for you. Should you be interested though, we would be happy to have you :slight_smile:

Kind regards Cyrene


Would love to have a chat with you.
We have a spot on our optional HC raids and our M+ team that i think you would suit perfectly.
Please add me on battlenet to have a further chat: Psykick06#2401

Thanks :slight_smile: