Returning players looking for guild

Hi all!

We are returning players (3) and we are looking for a new home on Ravencrest. We are originally from Terenas/Emerald-dream and we have been playing this game since Vanilla! A break happens sometimes but we felt that BFA was not the expansion that we were looking for. We have experience in mythic raiding and M+ in the previous expansion. We were enjoying this a lot with our guildies back then.

We decided to come back to enjoy the game’s end content and would love to experience this with people. We are hoping to find a community who are friendly, mature and who also like to have a laugh!

If you think your guild meets the requirement then hit me up with a message on Battlenet so we can chat further :slight_smile:

For now, I wish you a nice day/evening.


Hello! Youd be more then welcome to join us at Poetic Justice! We have a bit of everything going on nowadays there’s always some fun to be had.
Funnily enough we also came from Terenas we moved here to Ravencrest towards the end of ToT in Mists!
If youd like to know more about us we have a post here on the forums too [A] <Poetic Justice> or feel free too add me on bnet at Dhaselgrove#2215 I hope to hear from you all soon!

I’ll add you to battle net. And give you a shout. Maybe we might have what your looking for.

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