Rogue looking for semi-serious raiding/M+ guild

I’ve been playing WoW properly for almost 4 years. I’ve always enjoyed PvP, particularly BGs, but this expansion I’ve become interested in PvE as well, with a focus on M+ dungeons. Whilst I did get into raiding during Legion, my raiding experience isn’t as extensive as the previous two areas: I never did anything higher than Normal until BfA, and always disliked the hassle of a pick-up. Recently, I have had some really good experiences with raiding groups and it made me think that, given a consistent community of players, I would really enjoy the regular raiding experience.

I’m a pretty upbeat player, who’s willing to take criticism and learn. I actively read class and encounter guides, so I’d be someone you could rely on to come prepared. Finally, I’d be interested in RBGs and M+ as well as raiding.

I main a 464 ilvl assassination rogue on EU- Sporeggar, and have a number of reasonably geared alts that I can switch to if necessary.

Thanks for your consideration!

Hello, please check this, and if you like it, add me on bnet to talk more.