RP Home for a Gnome DK?

I know that this combo isn’t exactly conventional or perhaps taken seriously, but I’ve been struck by a character idea for this girl that I think actually works. I’m not a frequent Alliance RPer, though, so I’d like to come to you fine forum folks to maybe help home this gremlin I’ve created.

I’m not looking for something evil or even particularly associated with Death Knights, just a community where she’d fit in as a small but certianly deadly force for (relative) good. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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hmm have you considered the “Assemblage of Uld”


Seek no more, fellow Titanforged!


The Assemblage takes any classes of Gnomes and Dwarves. If you’d like to know more about us, have a read through the thread Susan linked and/or hit me/one of the other officers up ingame!


Is a good guild as any, they follow the Ebon Blade policy, and welcome any and all Death Knights into their ranks!

It is a neutral guild, tho! So Its not really Alliance or Horde-aligned!


I need a freak buddy.


The Arclight Association and Assemblage of Uld, are probably the 2 most obvious choices, which are currently AD’s 2 biggest and most active Gnome RP centered guilds.

But this server’s oldest surviving Gnome guild Gnomish Rescue Squad is also an option, though they are not quite as active RP wise as they used to.

Finally, as far as I am aware, there are a couple of newer minor Gnomish guilds, who’s names escapes me right now.

Here’s the link to Arclight’s forum thread:

In any case you should join the Gnomish Discord Server of AD, on which you might be able to find some of the people behind the other Gnomish guilds who’s names escapes me, that I mentioned, too:

There’s also another AD based Gnome Discord server, which you’ll find here, but it has been quite inactive for some time:

Thanks for the replies, everyone! I think this is plenty enough for me to go seeking out a home. ^^

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M.I.C is one too isn’t it ?

Might be one of those Gnome guilds I mentioned that I know exists but didn’t recall the name of.

What does the abbreviation “M.I.C” stand for, might make it easier for OP to find it?

Mechanized Infantry Corps, but it was more aimed towards engineering stuff.


And here’s an invite link to the AD Gnomish RP in game WoW community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/0BkZGpSYpK?region=EU&faction=Alliance

Just be aware that it is a character based community, and not Battlenet account based.

Which means you will only be a member of and able to access it with/from the character(s) you join it with, and that it won’t work Battlenet account wide for all your characters.

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If you are looking for a more class centric environment for your character, than the Ebon Onslaught is the way to go. The go to Guild to explore the brotherhood of Death Knights, something that is very unique to them and then alone.

The choice is clear.

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I heard that M.I.C was mentioned, so I thought I’d say hello! We already have an udead human engineer in our ranks, although he isn’t the best driver, yet! We’re the Mechanised Infantry Corps, so think Armoured Tank Divison and Military Corps of Engineers! Grease monkey’s and tank drivers!

If you’re looking for more information you can check out our forum post

Take care, and good hunting!

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What happened to that gyrocopter themed Gnome guild? Seemed popular enough

It seems they were… Cut short… Hehehe

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Haha… made me smile I admit, but sad to hear

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My question is, why would a death knight want to own property? They can just go back to Acherus at any point they want. And it’s not like they need to do most of the things people have a house for.

Because zombies can have feelings to, y’know.
Did you hear about the Forsaken who adopted a Night Elf infant.