Rshift, rctrl, ralt modifiers not working. Behave like normal shift/ctrl/alt

Indeed. unbelievable to say the least. I just had to accept that this will most likely never be fixed.

Probably fixing more significant bugs that affect many more people than a rather insignificant bug that affects very few like the one you’re griping about.

Neither me or you know this. So let’s not pretend we do.

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as of today 3rd of February 2021 this is still and issue and not and insignificant one for a minority of players. I use these for teleportation using hearthstones engineer worm holes making and using health stones giving blessings and using trinkets as i like to keep my screen free of clutter any update on this being fixed would be wonderful.



Please fix this problem. All of my macros have right and left modifiers. I just can’t play my characters especially in arena.


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