[Screenshot Competition] Winter's Veil Postcard ❄

Final Day of Entry: 20th December

Screenshot Competition: Winter’s Veil Postcard

I had planned to initially do this for the AD Creators community but am since then opening it out towards everyone, something that all people can get involved in and do not require to draw or write anything towards it.

I’m hosting a little screenshot competition taken inspiration from Acrona and her ones in the past. The prizes surrounding this competition will be gold from myself at the current pool of 100k which will be divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd (could change), donations are welcome towards the prize pool too but are not necessary.

Winter’s Veil comes around soon, take a picture of something festive from such things as; snowball fight, eating a dinner together, sitting by the fireplace, gift giving and whatever else may take inspiration in your mind.


  • As mentioned above the screenshot is and must relate to the theme of Winter’s Veil.
  • One submission per person.
  • Hidden UI
  • No use of modelviewer, image editing software or paintovers.
  • You’re allowed to crop your picture.

1st Place - 50k
2nd Place - 35k
3rd Place - 15k

Trust levels being a dumb issue, you can message your entries towards me on Fuse#5169 for discord or leave me a link through in-game mail and I’ll compile them. I had completely forgotten!

Looking forward to seeing the entries produced towards the competition, yes it’s still early but giving people an entire month to do their thing and I enjoy this in-game holiday over all. So here we go, good luck to everyone!


Great initiative! Best of luck to the participants.


:christmas_tree: :framed_picture: :christmas_tree: Lovely to see this!


You bring HONOR to Winter’s Veil, my friend!



I really want to participate, and I have prepared an entry - however, new forum won’t allow me to post links or images :cry:

EDIT: Apparently I need trust level 3 (maximum) to post links like that here. Obtaining that level includes milestones like having read 20.000 forum posts (from the new forum only) posted in the last 100 days. With the forums being as recent as they are, I don’t think we even -have- 20k new posts yet, making it impossible :sweat_smile:

So anyway, how can I enter the contest in the most convenient way?


Oof that might be a problem, hmm. You can message your entries towards me on Fuse#5169 for discord or leave me a link through in-game mail!

Awh, it’ll be hard to see other people’s cool entries that way :cold_sweat:

I’ll try figure out a way to share them all throughout the month, I wouldn’t want that but this is a temporary fix!

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You could upload the image to imgur or other image hosting site and put a link to the image here using Preformatted text from the forum tools menu which removes it from being a hyperlink. Can still post links like that!


Ah, and that’s been okayed? - I’m worried it’d be seen as circumventing the new trust system, and put me at risk of a forum vacation and a permanent inabilty to ever obtain level 3.

I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere when the new forum update came that it would be bannable now! Especially if the content is nothing dodgy, I don’t see why they would ban anyone for putting a link to a screenshot. Since links are automatically turned into hyperlinks now unlike before (often with a preview it seems, which can include an image), I think that’s why they require a higher trust level.

Edit: Link to forum guidelines

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Thanks for pointing this out Manata!

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