Searching for friends and enemies for my backstory and need a help

I have not appeared at Argent Dawn for several years. Now, while returning, I feel totally lost.
I need to find somebody to RP considering my backstory.
For the start, it’s not even important he will be a friend, some relative or an enemy. My char’s background is rather trivial - farstrider girl, survived the Scourge assault. She was in Northrend and Northern Barrens. Despite her experience she is exstermely friendly and has no prejudice to other races at all.

However I find only random RP without specific plot.
Nothing permanent. For several weeks I even have not seen anything resembling a ranger guild.
In addition it seems for me that Horde is very enclosed inside the guilds and events and nobody hurry to RP with wandering newcomers outside the guild.

May be I am doing something wrong? I am trying to find permanent co-players through filling out my TRP info but it brings nothing. Should I search co-players here or at some outher sites or forums?
Or may be I am too shy and I need to approach people myself? But I’m too afraid to invade someone else’s personal space.

Sorry for writing so much and thanks in advance for the advices


This’ll be your problem; the server is split 70:30 (some debate 80:20, even) in favour of Alliance, and so Horde’s lower population means random RP is sporadic and often limited. The solution would be to join a guild, where Horde RP truly thrives. I don’t know of any ranger/farstrider-specific guilds on Horde, but there are quite a few blood elf guilds about (they are, after all, the most played race) that are happy to take returning players.

Argent Archives is a good resource for that; try to see what guilds have characters posting actively, or are recently created. We’ve all been in the “back from long break, no direction” feeling, and you’re not doing anything wrong.


This is something I have noticed too unfortunately… I feel like there’s so many things going on yet it’s not very welcoming at all to outsiders or newcomers. At times it feels like some old boys’ network.

I am actually considering going Alliance in Shadowlands to see if it’s any different.

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For a ranger guild, military with a lot of attention given to details, I’d suggest checking with the Blood Ravens. I can’t, from the top of my head, remember another guild doing specifically Farstrider at the moment, though there is a reasonable number for blood Elves at large.


I playing at Alliance too, and yes, there are more simply search of co-players, as it feels.
Though I like Horde lore very much and not ready to give up completely!

I second Narme’s suggestion of the Blood Ravens.

So much RP is guild based nowadays, with guilds often being out of the Cities doing events, which makes it much harder to run into people for casual RP.

Check through the forums, and reach out to guilds that sound interesting to you. Almost all are welcoming of new people joining them.


Here’s something that might help you.

Also, yes, Horde roleplay is much more guild focused than on the Alliance, because there are less people playing on Horde.


Thanks to all of you. I will take your advices certainly. <3

The difficulty is that my char is very friendly and open to the world. Her past implies that somewhere she has friends not only among elves. Yes, she loves her homeland and the game with farstriders definitely means a lot.
Although, to develope her I really need the interactions with various type of chars not only with farstriders and even not only with blood elves.

Is it possible with the type-“RP only inside your guild”-of game accepted in the Horde? Or I made a mistake and such type of char could not be playable at all? :frowning:

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It’s absolutely playable. There are plenty of mixed race guilds, some based out of Orgrimmar others based in various locations.

A couple of examples that may be of interest:


Absolutly playable. Having a guild in the Horde is a good springboard to lead toward more interactions, but it doesn’t stick you into playing only with the guild. Think of it as helping with the network of others? Person A in a guild will know people in guild B, C, D and provide a contact point, which will make people from guilds B and D meet even though they wouldn’t have otherwise, and so forth.


Morning thread!

(I say morning because even though it’s 16:30 in my country, I’ve been awake for all of twenty five minutes. Coronavirus lockdown hits different, yo)

But thanks for the thread link Mackee! Both my lot and the Venturers (who I’ve played with a ton in the past - they’re fab guys!) are open to all comers/races/classes and so on, and we go out into the world on adventure quite a lot! So if that’s your thing OP, you’d be very welcome to check us or the RV’s out, I’m sure! :smiley:

I’d also agree with

I know a lot of my guildies RP with people from other guilds during our “Down time” (that is, when we’re not out on adventure), you’re perfectly free to interact with anyone you like - a guild tag doesn’t prevent that !

Just adding to the choir here I know - but yes, unfortunately the Horde is very guild based, and since a lot of those guilds are out all over Azeroth and rarely in “Hub” locations (I know my lot are as guilty of this as any!), it can seem very segregated/hard to crack into! Wheras on the Alliance, simply due to the sheer numbers of people, you seem to stumble into random RP around every corner.

BUT! I would say that I’m sorry if it looks unwelcoming; even though it can seem a bit “Bubbly”, I’m sure 99% of Horde guilds are perfectly happy to have newbies come RP with them! Heck, I’ve recruited most of my players simply through talking with random people in Orgrimmar, inviting them to an event, and having them enjoy it to the point they’d like to stay with us!

It can be a bit intimidating when it feels like you’re the only one not sat at the cool kids club in the cafeteria (not that I’m in the cool kid’s club - far from it), but; everyone is really friendly once you start talking to them! Come RP with us sometime, we’d be happy to interact - though that goes for everyone really!


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