Season 4 Fated Raid Schedule

I’d generally agree with you, but since you have a lot of currencies that get reset, and also items will potentially be unavailable after the patch, it would be good to know what to prioritize finishing now, and what can wait…

nice idea of making ppl raid again old content again with new ilvl items…and shard famring
like they missed old contnet lol
and about covennats? instead of giving covenants the chance to give different abiltites to your char depending on them…there was only 1 way to choose specific covenant to do max dmg / healing / easy tanking.
if you were retri paladin and you were no kyrian all avoided you in mythics cause they have raead krian is only wayto go,
nice pluralism of making your character unique by choosing covenant
blizz is so poor in programming profiles that only one sims and performs well at end…
is it good to give ppl many choices to play their char when from start you know for every class only 1 will perform best? what to say

Quick question, i hope this is the right place to ask. Does the creation catalyst work for fated gear? If it does, will a piece from a fated raid: lets say you got a leg piece from vault(mythic+ section), if its fated week for sepulcher of the first ones has a chance to be a fated tier piece? And if its just a regular piece of legs acquired from great vault(again mythic+) if you catalysm them will they get the appearance from sepulcher of the first ones no matter what raid is fated on that week? or will take the appearance of the armor from the raid that it’s fated on that week? In a few words can we catalyst any season 4 gear to specific weeks to get specific appearances? will catalyst gear will still give the bonus tier from sepulcher of the first ones?

seasion 4 gear is ilvl 280-302 ?

More like 262-311. SL mythic 0 dungeons will drop 262 and the fated raid last bossed drop 311 ilvl gear.

So young… so hopeful… so naive? lol

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I found some other post earlier where I’d answered in good faith it would be available in LFR and had to strikethrough. There are probably loads of them.

To be fair, it was initially announced as being reward for all difficulties which in my understanding includes Raidfinder.


Let me fix it for me now:

  • August 2 - Skip
  • August 9 - Skip
  • August 16 - Skip
  • August 23 - Skip
  • August 30 - Skip
  • September 6 - Skip
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let me fix your schedule:

  • August 2: Fated Castle Nathria
  • August 9: Fated Sanctum of Domination
  • August 16: Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones
  • August 23: Castle Nathria
  • August 30: Sanctum of Domination
  • September 6: Skip
  • September 13:Skip
  • September 20: Skip
  • September 27: Skip
  • October 4: Skip
  • October 11: Skip
  • October 18: Skip
  • October 25: Skip
  • November 1: Skip
  • November 7: Skip
  • November 15: Skip

Y’all will build really strong calves with all that skipping :+1:

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im updating it, just a second:

a long second!

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look at my schedule post :wink:

im a little dumb lately


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