Seeking Death Knight RP (Alliance Side)

Pretty much the title. I want to get involved in some RP on server and fancied running a DK; are there some dedicated Ebon Knight Guilds or similar I could find that are still relatively active? (I see that some exist from the search function but nothing recent I’m seeing on forum!) Anyone able to point me in the direction?

[Ebon RP - A&H] The Ebon Onslaught - To Seek The Lich these EPIC bois (aka the guild i’m an officer in) exist on both Horde and Alliance, so if you’re after Ebon Blade RP, this is a good way to go.


Thanks for the Quick reply! I’ll check them out later :slight_smile:

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Here is a small list of Ebon Blade specific / Ebon Knight accepting guilds.

< The Ebonsworn >
‘‘Dark Protectors of Azeroth’’ type of guild. We combine the ‘‘Brotherhood’’ vibe of WotLK and the ‘‘Military’’ side of Legion. We are a ‘‘Acting Unit’’ of the Ebon Blade roaming areas to serve the Ebon Blade’s interest. Short in short we do ‘‘bad’’ stuff to achieve good things.

< The Dark Grail >
Lawful Evil Order of the Ebon Blade. While they see their duty to protect the living, they do not see it necessary to be involved with them beyond protecting them. They rely on their vows and duty to the Ebon Blade instead of morals.

< Ebon Ranger >
Chaotic Neutral/Good Ebon Blade affiliated group, aiming to maintaining the balance between life and death with their forces mainly focused on Shadowlands and what lies beyond the veil. Working with the living is not an issue for them yet they are well aware that the living might not approve of their methods. But they do what the living cannot and they will continue doing that.

< Hand of Thassarian >
The guild is an Alliance-based undead concept consisting mainly of death knights, yet other out-of-character classes are welcome as long as the character, in-character, is an undead, or uses powers of the undead – such as necromancers, et cetera. We are creators, and joiners of both large and small events, and participants of war campaigns. The events include training days, travelling, missions, and cross-faction warfare, either guild only or other guilds and communities. As we are an event and campaign structured guild, we do also have casual roleplay within and about Deadwind Pass, and within the main Alliance roleplay hubs – Duskwood and Stormwind City.

< The Crypt Seekers >
Not a company consisting of the undead alone, the Seekers’ cadre of Ebon Blade members is still rather sizeable. A group of adventurers and treasure hunters, they also do the occasional hunt for rogue necromancers or other common targets of the Ebon Blade, thanks to their leader being a Death Knight. The Crypt Seekers are not fully affiliated with the Alliance and are neutral towards the Horde. The group’s general alignment also can best be described as true neutral; The main goal being to always keep their own casualties as low as possible while making the largest monetary profit they can.

< The Eclipse >
Soldiers of the Alliance, living and undead whom march a bleak path, working under the wing of an Ebon Knight with unwavering loyalty to the King and Crown. Despite this they share a code of immoral edicts, posing no qualms with studying nor wielding eldritch darkness.


Hello there!
First of all, welcome within the DK RP community!
GM of the Onslaught here, a bit more background about us before you visit our thread, in a TL;DR.
We are an Ebon Blade unit, a cross-faction one. Which means, we have both Horde & Alliance players!
We do not serve in particular any of the faction, we are 100% Ebon!
Our headquarters are within Darrowshire, in the Eastern Plaguelands - we also often use Acherus when for more formal meetings or tournaments!
I remain at your disposition should you have any questions!
Edit: We also RP with other guilds, such as a small event with the Grail or conflict with the Assemblage! (Damn gnomes… OUT OF MY LANDS!)


I can agree a 100% with everything Arindha and Tehya said;

The Ebon Onslaught is one of the best Ebon Blade-Guilds out there! If you’re interested in full on Ebon RP I can totally suggest them! Great lot of people and very social!

Aside from the fact they’re always willing to help others out and help out with your characters! Their knowledge on DK-lore is one of the best I ever saw! :slight_smile:


Onslaught is the only way to go for QUALITY Death Knight Roleplay. We are the perfect group to approach if one has questions or is anxious to begin DK RP.


Shameless plug of the DK RP Community Discord


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