Seeking home if I return

Hey folks,

Not entirely sure how I feel about the game and it’s direction so won’t say I’m 100% returning just yet.

Left around 4 months ago after gaining AotC CN with my guild, recruitment dried up and we could not progress onto Mythic so majority took a break. Some have returned and moved on and I am also seeking that avenue. Interested in the new raid and would like to push the difficulty above Heroic if possible, on a 2 day schedule with no late times.

Happy for either faction and open to most classes.

Can add me on Lfc#21212 for more I formation.

Hi Skat,

Would love to chat with you, i think youll be a great fit for the guild.
Be good to try and keep some good players in the game.

Heres a link to our guild recruitment page;

Let us know if it interests you.

Battlenet: Psykick06#2401

Still looking, leaning more towards Alliance as either a Mage or Hunter. Not looking for anything more than 2 nights of raiding and definitely no late raid times but all days are open.

Hey! We’re not Alliance, but maybe you’ll like our guild? We raid Wednesday and Sunday 8pm-11.30pm server time (5/10HC currently). Not sure if that counts as late raid times though. Feel free to check us out if you like :smiley: :

Hello! Added you for a chat


Perhaps our guild could be a fit for you. Feel free to get in contact if theres any interest