Server Transfers - A Serious Problem

Info in the blue answers here: Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 10.

Absolutely not. They didn’t, when they made a similar mistake just weeks ago. Instead, they even issued a warning, before closing the loophole: Free Transfers to Gehennas Closing Soon.

And for the transfers off HW, it is just what the posters before me said: They forgot and/or just don’t care. They won’t do anything. They have been proving that time and time again.

I am referring to Razorgore.

Nethergarde keep is not on this list.

they only could do this via HW.

Make a character, and try it please before being confidently wrong.

Simple - because the intern that was pushing the “free transfers buttons” hasn’t been fired after the Firemaw incident and is still responsible for pushing the buttons :smile:


This is pure idiocy! It would have been easier to understand your first post and not be mislead, if you had written “The ability for players to transfer from Nethergarde Keep, to Razorgore (which is to be closed) and then move to any server they wish (pretty much) is causing problems”
instead of

Naming and shaming does not include servers I think :wink: and everybody has complained over the HW bypass all day yesterday.
When was the NK => Razorgore opened?

I’ll edit the original post to be more clear, but yes you’re right it’s pure idiocy on Blizzards part.

I have no idea why, but apparently it’s possible to transfer from a server such as Pyrewood village to Razorgore. From Razorgore you can transfer to any of the ‘dead’ realms and then 3 primarily full realms such as Pyrewood Village, Mirage Raceway and Earthshaker.

It seems like a return to warcraft 3 days and the Reign of Chaos for classic players at the moment. I expect further 0 communication policies from Blizzard with nothing done to fix this until WOTLK when they most likely offer free transfers of NGK killing the server entirely…

The primary point of the post is complaining at this deliberate gateway from the lowest pop EU PVE server (still healthy at 3k players) to the highest pop EU PVE server. It just kills Nethergarde Keep for no good reason and is incredibly frustrating for the players there.

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Well there’s one happy player now at least - if he makes it before they close the hole :wink:

This here guy - here’s your free lunch.

Yeah a lot of players have been wanting this, and the panic has caused probably 70%+ of top guilds to leave last night.

Idiocy is my only reply!
I feel with you.
and sorry I was harsh in my first comments. I have fought so much for low-pop and the RP servers, that I see most anything as an attack on these two tenants.

People that play on the realms that are to be closed, do they get to keep their names, when they have to transfer? Since they don’t have a choice, but have to, it should be possible for them to keep their names, even if the new server they transfer to that name is taken. Some paid 2 weeks extra in vanilla to make sure they got their name. Not sure how they will fix it, but it would suck if you after more than 3 years you have to not only give up your server, but also your name.

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Unlikely. If the name already exists on the destination server, it will be flagged for rename. The consolidation is nothing more than a mass transfer.

No. There is quite a few people, who are really upset about this. Blizzard just didn’t care enough to come up with solutions for these kind of problems.


Also Guild banks are lost with no recompensation, so remember to empty them :frowning:

And to take any auctions you have running off the AH.

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the “loop” hole is also from Pyrewood to Razergore to Golemagg , we have had 3-4 guilds and 2 of them the “top” horde guilds take that free move to razorgore to then move directly to golemagg which is now almost as big as firemaw ! good job blizz :wink: what was it you did for exploiting game mechanics , do the same for abuse of migration services :wink:

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You mean like they punished everybody exploiting the Firemaw–>Gehennas loop hole? Oh wait, they issued a friendly warning before closing it instead (Free Transfers to Gehennas Closing Soon)… :roll_eyes:

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yup i love those friendly warnings 1 of the top guilds in OG wotlk got :slight_smile:

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